over and done

My emotions come and go, and as they with female hormones kicking, you shouldn’t trust it.

I did what I think is right for both parties, given the circumstances. Whatever reactions I hear or read in the next few days , they will just be that— reactions. As much as my ego, sometimes, enjoys unreasonable banter and immature brickbats thrown in the air, at the end of the day, I still take comfort in the company of a few friends, a good book, and today, a bottle of an energy drink.

It will be useless to go into detail of what I did, so let’s just say I returned the gown so they can find a better bridesmaid. I briefly mentioned my conviction of not going into events where I know that the celebrators have ill feelings toward me, even if most of the people invited are my friends, too. Lastly, I told them I don’t burn bridges. 

I guess the next few days off will take it off me, and I wish it will be taken off theirs, too. And I am sincere when i told them in the letter that that I hope their wedding would be as happy as I imagined it would be.

After this, everything will not be the same, of course. But dwelling in the past and capitalizing on talkshops, cheap gimmick and perpetual immaturity, as I have been a witness for the past years, will not be good for everyone. Their lives will go on and so will mine. Let’s just leave it at that. 

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