I said last night that whatever reactions I hear about my stand on this whole event, I will just take it in stride. I think I’ve done well on the first test given to me. In a very lengthy e-mail I did not even bother to dissect, I did not try to defend myself entirely because nothing will change— they’re already angry, and that’s their venue to vent.

“MATATANDA NA TAYO” was repeated and even capitalized, over and over throughout the email, and I can only hope all of us will live up to it. They thought I was not one, I thought they weren’t, too, but since everything has been poured out, let’s see how we are going to manifest maturity in the next few days, when our routines have gone back to normal. Let’s just say I know some people enough to not believe that this will not be taken in a tacky way, blabbing it over and over, until the last cells in your body have been branded, totally negating the call to handle it maturely. Believe me.

My boss was right when she said before that we cannot control what other people will think of us. In a given situation, it is possible that there will be 2 different interpretations of the event, and I’m not discounting this one. Of course as soon as I read it, I knew they were skewed arguments and shallow interpretations. But the best thing to do is to respect that that’s how they conceived this whole thing. I guess my fault is to assert my own skewed version of my principles to people who are busy preparing for something. We weren’t on equal footing in terms of the time we have in our hands.

Anyway, maybe it is meant to happen. In truth, I do not cry over losing this friendship. It was a good run of highs and lows.  I told them that I did not regret being their friend, which I sincerely mean. Subconsciously, I was trying to see if I have been trying to get out of it all along. I have yet to find the answer.

Categories: Reflective Judie

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