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Today’s the only time I sat through the audio commentaries in selected episodes of Friends. The commentaries were made by the brilliant Kevin Bright, Marta Kaufmann and David Crane, Director/Executive Producer and Writers of Friends, respectively. I only watched the commentaries on Season 10, and wow, it was fun. Yeah, this is from someone who enjoys reading the Foreword or Acknowledgment pages of a book, no matter how long they are. Dorkiness.

Anyway, it was a different kind of fun than watching the episode or the gag reels. They were from the creators of the show themselves, and you get to know the little things that made certain scenes possible, or other factoids that you don’t see with your naked viewer’s eye when you watch an episode. It was funny how they combine names of people close to them (pilates instructor, rabbi, nanny, children, husband, assistant) to make up the names of characters mentioned in passing throughout the show. Since it was Season 10, the names were of real people, sort of their way of acknowledging those who were important to them, as the show draws to a close. The extras in the coffee house and airport scenes, they were so funny as they rundown, “That’s my husband or That’s Lisa (Kudrow)’s husband right there or Those are my children” as the episode is playing. It was funny. It was pretty poignant too when they’re doing the one for the last two episodes. Marta’s voice was cracking towards the end. 

Like Marta, my only regret is the fact that Courteney Cox wasn’t reconized in her role as Monica by any awards show. She was pretty much overshadowed by the others but she really was great as the super OC friend. Her character, as admitted, was the glue that holds the whole group together. Marta said that she wasn’t as recognized as the others because it didn’t seem like she was acting. There are similirities with Monica and the way people perceived Courteney Cox. Oh well, I think she didn’t mind, especially now that her Dirt is picking up. She proved that she can break free from the mold that was Monica. I haven’t watched beyond the first episode but I can’t wait for the season-ender with Jennifer (and their goodbye kiss on the lips, and no it isn’t a torrid liplock!).

*     *     *

The past two auditions of American Idol were lamer than last week’s. I don’t know what’s happening to them. Especially with the one in L.A., they only showed probably 4 or 5 good ones, and focused on the weird ones. Some of them were funny, many of them were annoying. I was hoping to see more qualified auditioners. I think this early, people can watch for who to root for in the forthcoming Hollywood nights.

*     *     *

I had the urge to re-watch first season of Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, McDreamy is still McYummy. But I like Izzie and Bailey more. Hahahaha!!! I tend to like the supporting ones, I observed. Or those who weren’t as popular as the others in an ensemble (though I have to take exception with Jennifer, and her being married to this Brad guy obviously did it for her). Remember, I loved Miranda Hobbes and Lynette Scavo, too.

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