Sidney Sheldon, 89

One of my favorite authors, Sidney Sheldon, died recently. He was 89. I have not read everything of his works, but I did read a lot of them. Plus his was the first book I read when I shifted from the kids/teens genre. I was about 9 or 10 then, when I read my sister’s copy of The Other Side of Midnight, then Memories of Midnight. The degree of betrayal, promiscuity and viciousness wasn’t that common to me then. Through his novels I had much “exposure”, so to speak, that paved way for the comprehension of the others that followed. After reading The Sky Is Falling and Are You Afraid of the Dark in succession, I made a comment somewhere that he was kinda losing his touch. Nevertheless, he remains to be one of the most brilliant to me (and Stephen king, who was also an icon of my bibliophile-awakening stage, when everyone around me were still into Sweet Valley and Sweet Dreams).

*     *     *

Because of the stress that I figured myself into the past days, I found solace in books of the YA genre. I finished Pride, the 3rd book in the Seven Deadly Sins series, and I am now into The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier. While Cormier’s is proving to be a little dark, I am having fun. It’s still an easy read. As regards the Sins series, the development of the characters weren’t as vivid and engaging as Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley Series. Yes, that series. Maybe it’s my only comparison through the years, and I read bazillions of them, that the characters felt as if they’re with me already.

For now I am enjoying my current reading preference. I try to insert a few ASEAN-Track II Diplomacy-konfrontasi readings once in a while but they don’t seem to cut it.

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