I honestly don’t look forward to going back to work tomorrow. Rest is really very addicting. I guess it consumed me because I did not do anything, well, important, for the past 4 days. Basically lounged in the house, read YA books, watched DVDs and went online. Going online meant going out of the house and walk for about a block because my PC is still being reformatted as of this moment. While I am getting used to updating blogs or surfing with 20+ people in a room, I still miss my often-unreliable wi-fi connection.

Anyway, I watched the first 2 episodes of Heroes a while ago. The first episode was scattered but I’m loving it now. I also have Veronica Mars lined up. See, I never get to watch it regularly but I know the plot and a few of the characters. Anyway, going back to Heroes, I have yet to see everyone so it’s hard to root for anyone in particular. It would really be cool to have any of their powers. Maybe after 2 episodes, I can say Mohinder Suresh, Hiro Nakamura, Claire Bennett and Peter Petrelli are endearing. I have yet to love the others 😉 For now, I understand why this show managed to beat 24 in the ratings for sometime now (I have yet to watch a single ep of 24 though).



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  1. hey kaye! yup i got the dvd pero kulang yun i think. kasi 10 episodes lang! anyhoo, ka-addict nga. i hope to have more time to sneak an ep or two! 😉

  2. ei juddie! grabe talaga! kaloka talaga tong heroes na to. nakaka addict! ang cutie pa ni masi oka. I’ve seen episodes 1-13 na. ung 13 jud nasa you-tube. type mo lang ang the fix 1/4 and so on. bili ka nalang ng dvd, meron dyan marami. mura pa. dun ko nakita ang episodes 1-9 ng season 1 e. kakasimula lang ng season 2.

    save the cheerleader! save the world!

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