It’s unwise of me to think that my life is boring.

It’s the first day of the work week. One staff is out. Not really tons, but so many things to do since I was out last week, too. I can’t decide whether I will drop my subjects this sem or not. (More about this soon.) I can’t go to law school now, maybe next year, i just found out. My late dinner was cancelled because my niece’s flight was delayed. I thought then that my early dinner can extend. However, I have last minute things to do and prepare for the department newsletter. Then my CMR class’ book review is due tomorrow, how the hell can I possibly forget since it’s in my “Reminders” since last Friday? (Unless I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m so going to academic hell.) In addition, I have to pay a visit to our neighborhood computer repair shop to see if I can take my CPU home.

Tomorrow, more errands are coming my way, on top of the usual list of things to do.

I guess my life is not boring per se. It’s the busy kind of boring. Swamped, but still dull.

Categories: Employee Judie, Random Judie, Student Judie

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