Back but not the same

My computer is working well again. I am thrilled but it’s like having someone back with his (okay, my computer is male, hence the simple name, JOHN) memory all gone. Mags wasn’t able to salvage my files, and I know she tried hard. Had I listened to the first one who fixed John’s few glitches months ago, he would still break down, but the files would have been saved. Tsk tsk tsk.

Anyway, I think wasting a week of having a non-working computer, and 4 more days of John in the shop, numbed me to the core. I don’t feel hurt anymore. Or just like any other loss, perhaps it will hit me in due time.

Gone are my college papers and my thesis, and its whole shebang, my fanfictions (yes), my short stories, my transcripts. Gone are all the pictures I took during my travels, special events, or even regular days with special people. Gone are all my Friends videos, cast interviews (ensemble or otherwise), episodes of Studio 60 and Dirt, dowloaded songs, yadda yadda yadda. When I look at the empty folders, I can’t feel anything. Hmmm, maybe it hurts that bad. Maybe.

I started installing my essentials, finding my way in the dark to “Boot Thaw”. I just re-installed iTunes and my camera’s software. The rest can wait till the weekend.

For now, I’m happy that I can do this in the comfort of our own home. I’m so happy I even dismissed American Idol 😉 Oh well, I can always watch it later at 11p.

Categories: Reflective Judie

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