adik sa ‘yo

I just came from a 48-hour stress both at home and at work. I don’t want to dwell on it now, and suffice it to say, the “home” thing was, thank God, already okay, and the work thing is yet to unfold its fury. Let’s see.

Anyhoo, I feel a bit guilty for not spending time with my school work just because home and work kinda snagged most of my time. Please understand…I just got John back, he’s running really fast than before, and it’s just heavenly. No bull.

I made it a point to watch American Idol (next week’s soo exciting!) first before sitting down in front of John and do this. Sobrang parang nasabik ako mag-surf sa bahay. Yung ganitong feeling…yung gaya ng dati. Yung lahat ng oras ko is for relaxation after every grueling 8-hour work day.

I intended to make a clone post of the memes I got from an LJ friend. Then I realized it wouldn’t look as good, and I don’t feel like it tlaga, so just go to my LJ to find the answers I made to the funny meme items. It was so fun to answer and it actually de-stressed me.

Anyway, more than and before the very commercialized day that is Valentine’s Day, let me invite you to:

UP Fair Day 1

UP Fair Day 2 

Uhm, these pics are not mine. I just got it from my co-worker Job, who used to plug the fair to all our colleagues, Pinoys and Americans alike, hehe. Kita-kita na lang tayo doon!

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