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I was amused by this write-up in the Inquirer. It’s basically a reminder to government employees to refrain from “hugging, kissing and shrieking” at celebrities whenever they make appearances at their respective offices. It delivers a good point, and it could apply not only to government employees, but to all professionals as well.

Anyway, the “banning” of the acts toward celebrities was made after the spectacle that happened during Noynoy Aquino’s filing of candidacy at the COMELEC. Sure, Noynoy, Mar Roxas, Frank Drilon and other Liberal party members would have drawn a crowd, and you can even throw in Pres. Cory Aquino, but it wouldn’t be as huge had not Kris Aquino dropped by as well. Face it, people came to see her, and probably James Yap. So much for a bang to signal Noynoy’s senatorial run.

There is already a rather negative picture as to how bureaucrats work, and going ga-ga over a controversial celebrity isn’t a far cry from this image. Oh well, are you still surprised, knowing that we Filipinos get easily starstruck?

Anyway, I will not discuss this informal regulation, and in fact, I’m just going to share that I did the same a few years back. I work for a foreign government and while celebrities come by the office often, incidental sightings and deliberate-but-discreet peeks are the farthest I have gone. The only time I went to great lengths, stepping out of my far away office, and positioning myself at the back of the officer just to get a good glimpse of a celebrity, was when she came. Yes, I did that for Kris Aquino. It was a cheap shot but it was a good one. Kilala naman ako sa office na fan ni Kris Aquino, flaws and all. As in even if the boss was gritting her teeth and hissing at us to “Get back to work! Get back to work!” hay kiber, I waited for Kris’ transaction to be finished before I went back to work. Pathetic but it’s fun. I often act the way people wanted me to but that time, I rewarded myself and indulged. Bale ba naman, ang puti pala tlaga ni Kris Aquino. Bwahahaha!!!! I’m sure, Jacs would kill me if he was there. =)

*     *     *

One of the people I would love to meet in person is Ellen Degeneres. I so love her wit. I have long been a fan of comic hosts such as Jay, Dave and Conan but Ellen is simply tops. Anyway, W Magazine put her on the cover for this month’s issue and the interview was very interesting. I’m excited with the Academy Awards and she’s one of the reasons why. Fan mode na naman. =)   

*     *     *

Since John lost everything I stored, I began saving whatever I think is necessary since I got him back. However, I still don’t have the energy to download again the things I lost. But as I intend to FOCUS on my hobbies, I singled out watching (and rehashing) my current TV serial favorites to keep me occupied in the next few weeks. So far, this is what John’s documents folder contains:


Freaky and geeky? But you know, I like having a guide whenever I watch something. They were only synopses. Plus, it’s impossible to remember what each and every episode have in them just by looking at the titles or by the number of the disc. Sure, I can almost do it with Friends, but let me tell you, this is a staple in my existence, too (it has a brief but coherent episode guide).

*     *     * 

It’s 3 in the morning. I went to the mall, trooped to Baywalk to watch people and take pictures till almost midnight. It’s pretty much a full day. But I’m still wondering when I can get the energy to do this very important thing pending in my life. Hint: my classmate A messaged me that Dr. H was looking for me in class, and that they already passed their book reviews (which also meant they have their term paper topics ready, and they must have been halfway through with the list of annotated bibliographies). Me? I have not passed ANYTHING. And it’s already the second week of February. Too late to back out, too stupid to drop the subject, and too irresponsible not to finish it with the amount of time left with this semester. Tsk.

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