i seriously need help

Remember Dwayne in Little Miss Sunshine? I want to be like him now. I want to be like him when he decided not to speak a single word, until he reaches his goal. I don’t know how much of an influence Nietzsche has to do with this because I don’t know this Nietzsche guy. I got 1.75 in Philo 1, yes, but I don’t remember who he is.

There are obviously a lot of things going on in my head. Despite my facade that I don’t care, I can’t help but. This is due to so much stress. From unidentifiable issues, to stressed people around you, to indecision, laziness, fear, discontent, longing, anger, sleepiness, frustration, envy, wishful thinking, and God knows what more. It’s so cramped in here.

I just want everything to stop so I can compartmentalize. 

Grab Harry Potter and pick up where I left off. 
Watch Veronica Mars
Read the hundered of books I bought in 2004. Why that year, I don’t know. 
Escape from this reality and be somewhere in New York, reading a book, while sipping coffee in an obscure café somewhere in Manhattan
Buy more YA books, try Nora Roberts and more of Christina Dodd
Buy new clothes

These are my thoughts, the ones I remembered, as I aimlessly walk a million steps from my office to Robinson’s. My typical day route but I never felt as flightless as this afternoon.

Ah don’t mind me. I just need to be left alone. I wish I’m rich and don’t have to work.

Categories: Random Judie

2 replies

  1. thanks, dear! hope to see you soon =)

  2. hello judie

    Just think of a piece of heaven in your life and it will outweigh all your problems

    smile my dear friend 🙂

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