happy puso!

happy v!

Fat face, dark circle under the eye, chubby fingers. 
Trip ko lang, bakit ba =)

Have a love-filled Valentine’s Day, y’all.

In a haste looking for an appropriate stationery for my letter-gift to my officemates tomorrow, I found a carefully-bundled pack of letters from my college boyfriend. I won’t be cynical and bitter about this whole love thing like the others out there. Remembering things like this makes me smile. It shows that at one point, I was loved that way. At present, I am loved in different ways possible. There’s nothing—no one—missing, it’s just that something—someone—hasn’t arrived in its proper place yet. 

Lovers, enjoy! Be safe (ahem). 

And for added consolation for people like me, please don’t overdo it. This includes the reminder to please not carry your significant other’s obviously-feminine purse. It’s not sweet. It’s so gay. No, it’s actually so annoying. Imagine a guy carrying a pink purse on his shoulder. God, I don’t wanna ruin this happy mode, so I’ll deal with this stupid bag-carrying thing later  =)

Categories: Romantic Judie

3 replies

  1. happy valentine’s, iryn and kaye! =) kisses!

  2. happy valentine’s jud!

  3. happy hearts day Judie!

    i agree with you, i dont like guys carrying their
    better half’s bag… i thinks that’s sickening not sweet

    take care my dear friend

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