I’m still bothered but I didn’t let it come my way today. I had to take charge, and while I didn’t do way much, I kept things afloat.

Of the pressing things that caused me to breakdown (ay hindi, OA naman yun), I still haven’t done any of them, but now, I’m feeling better. Quarterlife sucks. Had I known decision-making would be this grueling, I would have opted to stay 10 forever OR jump to my 40’s— a time when my boss said you still feel this way but you rarely care anymore; it’s like you’ve done and seen enough to even give a damn about what people think.

Anyway, back to the non-emo sphere, remind me to relate, when all of this is over, about the DOORS in the office. And my renewed vow to parole myself from FINANCIAL PRISON. Plus my dilemma with HP Deskjet 3550.

* ~ * ~ *

For a pre-Valentine’s Day treat for ourselves, my dear friends and I trooped to Salas St. in Ermita for some shawarma. After a long walk along Roxas Boulevard, and a little along Pedro Gil and A. Mabini, we arrived at the famed Shawarma Snack Center. It’s a small place, more like your typical carinderia. There’s a small airconditioned space where we decided to stay.

For a bill of P764 for five people, it’s not so bad. We each had their famous large shawarmas, that when finished off, we felt like we’ve eaten a rock. It’s not heavenly-good but it’s better than your typical MRT station shawarma =). For drinks, Sands and I stayed safe with mango shake but Kats and E weren’t impressed at all with the yogurt shake. Laine was a different story because she has “yogurt lover” tattooed on her forehead. The hummous wasn’t extraordinary, but it didn’t disappoint. Plus the pita breads were like large plates.

We have not gotten a consensus on whether it’s worthy to be visited again but we did get their contact numbers in case we want some Middle Eastern food delivered for lunch. In our gastronomic barometer, that translates to a satisfactory rating.

Two pictures to share:

The sign outside the small restaurant. An awful lot of foreigners go here for their mid-eastern food fix, I was told.

shawarma girls
Mga natakam sa shawarma. We’re going Thai next, I heard someone say kanina.

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