china, india and oz on vday =)

So, how was your respective Valentine dates? 

If what I ate was my date, then I had three different ones today. I actually expected this day to be jampacked and annoying but surprisingly, it was not. 

I received little trinkets as gifts. Such nice gestures from my friends =) Anyway, what made this day pretty special was we finally got the go to distribute the department newsletter. It was well received! I’m so proud of my team, especially with LEE (layout editor extraordinaire!).

Anyway, the whole team had Chinese cuisine for lunch. It was the classic Chinese restaurant of choice if you know where I work. There was a time that even though I love it, yung fried dumplings nila lumalabas na sa tenga ko. The lunch was fun and since The Room Upstairs in December, it’s the only time we got together again, as in all 5 of us. This Thai restaurant along Reposo (you got an old Makati drifter here, old timer) is also in our calendar before the end of the month. I hope we can all go as well.

CeeCee Editorial Team
The editorial team’s Chinese power lunch, hahaha!!!

My original Valentine date was my Mom. Sadly, she felt her usual blues and cancelled on me (!) this afternoon. I would have loved to go with my other officemates to catch up with all the chika but I saw Rachel at the same time so I decided to go with her instead. 

We just caught up with each other a few days ago, and made up for an awful long time that we didn’t go out. It was a very juicy four hours of a looot of information =) See,

Rachel is one person who is close enough to understand what the hell I am rambling about, be it in the office (most especially), in school, or in my family, yet she’s far enough to talk about things and make it appear as if everything is just as new as the first day. She balances things out in my social life =)

So for our Valentine “date”, she brought me to Swagat Indian Cuisine in Rada St. in Makati. I’ve heard a lot about it but it’s the first time I dined there. I didn’t plan to have Indian food on love day but I was not with a romantic date, so adventurous eater, I decided to be. I was satisfied with our dinner– from the appetizer, palak pakora (sliced spinach and spices, rolled in chickpeas and flour, deep-fried), main courses which consisted of murgh tandoori (tender skinless chicken marinated in a blend of ginger, garlic, yogurt and various spices , toasted and sautéed with butter and cream) and malai kofta (vegetable balls fried and cooked with gravy) to our alternative to rice, four pieces of tandoori roti (toasted whole wheat dried bread).

At Swagat. Ang chaka nung HVD sa wall, para tuloy kaming kumakain lang sa isang canteen =)

For dessert, we walked to Greenbelt 2 (and I finally saw where Cyma is) and settled in Cold Rock, the famous ice cream shop of Australia. It’s quite pricey though Haagen-Dazs comes close na rin. It’s sinful, and I can only assume that my blood sugar will shoot to high heavens if I ate more. Rach had kiddie size pistachio ice cream topped with plain M&M’s and I had a regular size of chocolate indulgence topped with Violet Crumble and Maltesers. I told you it’s so sinful. Well, in all honesty, I settled for it to have my sugar fix but Rach, amidst her “diet’ indulged because she’s…actually quite disappointed. Heehee.

Happy faces while at Cold Rock

Actually, it’s one of the highlights of my dinner date with her, not necessarily the food and the other office issues. We talked a lot about someone whom she can’t understand if would go ahead or not with…you know. We always talk about it in jest, and for a time, it’s nice to feel so giddy and girlish over an issue like this, para kaming mga dalagita =) Anyway, let’s just say she felt this urong-sulong has been going on for a while, and she doesn’t know how to react because nothing has been said naman. When she decides to put it off, magpaparamdam. Then in the middle of anticipation, mawawala na naman, or she will learn something contrary to what was shown to her. Oh well, men are really complicated. Mabuti pa kaming mga babae, nag-e-emote, but in the final analysis, mas maraming arte sa buhay ang mga lalaki. Sometimes, they simply can’t get across the simple answer to the simple question, “So, ano ba talaga ang gusto mong mangyari?” =)

My day was pretty much eventful as the others. Yung iba nga baka “action-packed” pa, hahaha (just be safe, okay)! I also got to decide on something that I will reveal in the next few days. It’s not super final but I listed down my reasons, the pros and cons, and they should be sufficient to come up with a sound decision. Sometimes it helps to actually write things down. Minsan, something as simple as having two columns and filling them up would show what’s really in your heart. I don’t know if I still have to ask for a sign to seal it, or if I have to find something to make THE decision very worthy. Let’s see in a couple of days.

black and white ladies
I love this shot. We came up with a witty name but for the sake of world peace, let’s just say, we are the black and white ladies =) 

Before the day ends, I hope your day was full of love! And let’s keep it that way everyday!

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  1. Judie, i like your pose dun sa theme nyo na black and white (“,)

  2. uy, thanks kaye! minsan nasa anggulo ng shot yan, hahaha! =)

  3. hey juddie! payat mo sa pix!!! kaka-inggit ka. hay!

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