Plan 30

Plan 30 is a simple personal project I thought of while I’m on my way home, battling the heavy traffic in Mabini St. 

It will run from March 1 to May 30, which is 12 weeks.

The goal is to read 30 books within that period. 

Now that I’ve decided to stop school, I can have my non-work hours devoted to the project. However, I also decided that I will not pre-determine the books that I will read. I don’t want to put pressure on myself in this sense. Whatever I feel reading after finishing one book, I will go for it. Of the diverse genres I have in my collection, I can go for non-fiction/current affairs one moment then a Harlequin romance the next. I have yet to see. Although I think I will go for a real read then go for a YA book for a change. That’s always been a trend with me.

I also made a rule of sorts that for those books I decided to continue reading (as I have a lot of books that I’ve started but I got bored somehow so I put it off for a while), unless I’ve read less than 50 pages, they will count only as half a book read.

The only “distraction” allowed are my DVD marathons (which only consist of Heroes, Veronica Mars, and Prison Break S2), my regular TV shows (American Idol, Ellen and re-runs of Friends), my ample news fix on the upcoming national elections, my twice a week socials, and our distance learning course from the State Department—esp. since I got a perfect score in the last one, I have this arrogant desire to try to do it again…yeah, I’m a bigtime show off like that, hahaha =)

Of course, issues about the family and work take precedence and should even be out of the equation because they’re a given. I just hope nothing major comes up within the period of the project. Please, please, please. There’s too much chaos going on in the world already. =)

I’ll try to post my progress especially when March starts.

p.s. When I told my Mom about this, she was unimpressed. Oh well, she didn’t care about the dropping of my subjects either, so why should I expect something else here? Hmmm. Anyway, as soon as Plan 30 became my favorite two words of the night, this was what she asked me: Ano naman ang Plan 1 to 29 mo? 

Ahahaha =)

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4 replies

  1. ahahaha, korek. iipunin ko nga ang mga ganyan ng nanay ko. baka mapataob din nya si brosia. hahaha!!! =)

  2. hahaha. natawa ako sa comment ng mom mo. classic. parang nagbasa ako ng jess abrera comic strip, okaya pugad baboy 🙂


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