disturbing the universe

“Do I dare disturb the universe?”


It’s a significant question in Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War, a book I recently finished, and is one of the best young adult books I’ve read so far. The protagonist, Jerry Renault, asked himself the same question as he deliberately “tried to disturb” the universe by refusing to sell chocolates for the school’s fund-raising activity.


My own version of disturbing the universe cannot be compared with Jerry. Sure, I did things unexpectedly, but those were in the category of a universe where Judith is a responsible, goody-good lady that she’s always seen to be.


The bottomline of this is that I did not drop the subjects as planned. It happened fast and when I said before that even though I’m not completely into dropping, the remaining zeal won’t pull me through. With what happened tonight, I think it might see me through the end of the sem.


It is not a fickle decision but I have to admit, my professor had a lot to do with it. Plus maybe the constant, consistent logical opinion of my colleagues. Anyway, it’s still the professor’s call to sign your dropping forms, and she refused to do so. It’s amazing that Dr. H reminded me, in her usual stern voice, that we already have an “agreement” (as long as I do good with the substantive part, she doesn’t care if I attend the classes). And that I don’t have to drop if only for my feeling that I’m so behind with requirements. Sure I can get an incomplete mark but she will give me A YEAR to complete whatever I missed. And she meant it. She even asked me back if I can find a professor who will actually go after the student and ask her not to drop. It’s not entirely out of shame, but maybe there’s one very thin vein in my heart that wants me to go on. I lost more than half of my interest but that is something workable. The struggle now is on coping with the remaining few weeks.


So apparently I’m not yet done with civil-military relations, security sector reform and the ASEAN, amongst many topics. Like what our Operations Director said, pikitmata na lang na tapusin, tutal ilang weeks na lang. Let’s see. Even though I believe in fate, I think in situations like this, the elements of the universe conspire to bring the best option available.


So, do I dare disturb the universe? I think I tried but it’s so vast I decided to let it win in the end.




I met with Tata and her twin sister, Gabi, to get my tickets for 300. (More details about it here.) Anyway, they’re such wonderful, adorable ladies! I think I didn’t feel as enamored with twins since Mary-Kate and Ashley in Two of a Kind, hahaha!!!! (Yes, that long!) I’ve seen and been with lots of identical twins but hasn’t seen much positive energy radiating as with these girls. =) Anyway, I look forward to their book club session after the school rigors are over.




Plan 30 is still good to go.

I may just count reference books in the goal. The likes of the whole reports of the Feliciano Commission and the Davide Commission. =) Hmmm, I made the rule and everything about it so I can revise anything I want, hehe. Anyway, I will push through with it. I promise.


Cheers to life!

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  1. Hello Judie!

    Fave ko din yun Two Of A Kind before, sobrang pinapanuod ko yun sa channel 23. Tsaka naalala ko sa isang post mo diba sobrang like mo si Kris Aquino and show na friends. Naalala ko yun elementary days ko na mega idol ko si Kris, remember we do have a bunch of cut-out pix ng fave artist natin. And yun friends, I think sa channel 5 pa yun pinapalabas 8pm ng gabi.ata


    Take care

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