little forms of happiness


  • McSpaghetti, Chicken McNuggets and Coke float after a long and tiring day
  • watching American Idol in its entirety
    • discovering now why Hael loves Simon Cowell
    • Blake Lewis singing a Keane song after a lively but bastardized version of Gavin de Graw
    • a satisfactory performance night of the 12 female contestants after a lame male’s night
  • going home early
  • reading Vanity Fair with “Our Biggest Issue Ever”, something that they do almost every year— aren’t they simply topping their biggest every year or what?
    • a fantastic 2007 Hollywood portfolio, probably the best among the ones in my magazine’s collection since 2000. They shot amazing actors, from Clint Eastwood and Helen Mirren to Naomi Watts and Abigail Breslin in the theme of the lost classic film noir Killers Kill, Dead Men Die. Wonderful.
    • Ellen Degeneres answering the Proust Questionnaire!
  • surprising zest for the editorial planning of our newsletter’s second issue
  • lots of office trainings ahead
  • deep-fried tofu and punch tea while reading The Third Secret
  • discovering an advanced guest list of the talk shows you love, and discovering that ETC, Jack TV and 2nd Avenue are really just one day late with airings
    • Chandra Wilson will be on Ellen on Thursday done. Love her.
    • Oprah will be on Ellen on Friday (!!!!)
    • Ellen’s post-Oscar episode on Tuesday
    • Rep. Nancy Pelosi and William H. Macy on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday
    • Courteney Cox on Leno on Tuesday (!!!)
    • Heather Graham on Conan o’Brien on Wednesday
    • Matthew Perry (!!!) on Conan on March 12
  • despite provocation, you feel that you’ve moved on
  • despite provocation and side talks, you have friends who still believe YOU and in you
  • the prospect of speaking to THE audit people for an hour next week

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