~ I am here in Mags’ internet station because John acted all floopy again. It’s the same old disease. I don’t know what caused it this time when for the past 2 weeks, everything has been okay. I just hope Mags can fix it again. It’s a pain just when you planned on saving money and time, all these expenses crop up and waste your time, too.

~ I missed Oprah on Ellen last night because I met with my mom and her cousin. By the way, if you have very low tolerance for spicy food, stay away from Oody’s spaghetti with chicken and curry sauce. I think I’ve never drank that much pandan juice in my life just for a couple of forkfuls of the thing.

~ Mags just talked to me and she said she’ll check for a bad sector or something. I can get John back by tomorrow afternoon. 

~ My mom hinted that she wants to go with my cousin Andy when he returns to the province tomorrow. I wonder why. I don’t know if it’s just her usual hormones or what. Usually she does that if something’s amiss over there OR she’s upset with me. So far, everything’s good over there. Hmmm. It could just be hormonal. At any rate, it’s okay with me. Maybe she needs a breather from the city. 

~ Anyway, just like many of you who can’t resist artista chismis— and of course, it involves Kris Aquino— I will watch Startalk later for the interview of this Hope who was James’ chiching =) It’s human nature to be addicted to chismis. Hahaha =)

~ I am done with the 9th episode of Heroes. Sobrang nabitin ako. Got to contact Rach because she has the 10th.  And they say he’s boring but I so like Mohinder Suresh. And Hiro. And Claire. And Micah. Actually all of them =)

~ Now instead of searching, browsing, reading about anything intellectually-stimulating (I haven’t dropped yet, remember?), I derive pleasure from youtube-ing Little Ant and Dec, Abigail Breslin, Dakota Fanning, and Bianca Ryan. Maybe it’s subsconsiously chanelling my underachievement or otherwise. Hahahaha =)

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  1. gosh juddie, super super behind d2 sa SG. i think nasa 3rd or 4th episode palang sila. may provider kc kami from the states eh. hehe. tpos meron din sa youtube! haha.

  2. hey kaye! nakuuuu, sa sobrang behind dito di ko pa nakikita si sylar =) i was just done with 9th— kakakuha pa lang nya nung brain nung waitress na magaling ang pickup, hehehe!!! but i read na ur blog, ang gwapo naman nya! =)

  3. hello juddie! nakiki-chism na naman. hehe. i’m glad na your mom has a place to go when hormones attack. at least meron syang outlet. how i wish i can help my mom. i’m asking her to come visit us, pero she can’t leave my brother. hay brother, such a baby!

    dakota fanning had/has a movie where in she was raped. during the movie’s presscon, aba nagalit ‘tong si little missy na ‘to. cutie face, pero…

    i don’t know if it’s me, pero i find gabriel/sylar cute(!). ayayay! pero i hate his character. hehe. but hiro is still amazing. did you know na wala syang girlfriend? masi oka, i mean. o di ba chismis ito! =)

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