it’s the attitude

The usual impatient me would be very cranky in a moment like this. Thankfully, I read an email, the cheesy type that no offense to the senders but I don’t usually read but this time I did, which said something about your happiness depending on your attitude. So whether to see the good in the fact that I cannot claim my CPU because the repair time takes too long is in my attitude. 

I choose to understand and trust our neighborhood computer repair person with her excuses for the delay. 

It costs me a few pesos to rent a computer just to update this blog. It brings inconvenience when instead of surfing in the very comfort of our home, I am compelled to share a room with 20 other young people who smell like everything imaginable, playing online war games or updating their Friendster accounts. 

But I chose to accept the situation. Without my own computer, I can attend to other things, like finally absorbing the shows I just “hear” because I’m so engrossed with my internet time. Or talking to my mother about anything I feel like discussing— from office issues she would never completely comprehend to a friend’s heart being broken recently. Or having more reading time at home without the usual expense for overpriced coffee. Or having more time to make a manual inventory of my books. Or gathering my scattered stationery set, which gathered unbelievable dust through the years. Or simply finishing a book of my liking so I can start fresh with Plan 30.

Anyway, I rarely like going all emo, so suffice it to say that John will still be here at the shop for a couple of days more. I will wait and try to be more productive without him. 

(And by productive, I think it should include waiting till 12 midnight for the replay of Ellen with her post-Oscar’s episode. I missed the 7 pm run because I had dinner with friends and well, it’s almost 9 p.m. and I’m still in an internet shop.)

Categories: Bookworm Judie, Reflective Judie

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