not ok (edited)

 I don’t like the end of my February.  It’s in the attitude, yes, but there are things you can’t help but be very disappointed about. And surprised. And hurt.

And it might be fueled by the news that Chris Richardson will sing Geek in the Pink in AI tonight. Whaa? After what he did to Gavin de Graw last week? Gavin, then now, Jason? Why??? And Simon apparently said it was a good performance. =(

Whatever happened, I won’t let it hamper the start of Plan 30 tomorrow. 

And since I need to wallow, I’m going to buy a book. I just have to. You know what, I was so sleepy and sad I decided to take the next jeep I saw in the intersection of Faura and Del Pilar.

As a consolation, I’m editing this entry using John. By the way, the repair almost was free. Thanks, Mags.

More updates: I did it again. I “replaced” all the songs in Sophie, my iPod with the current iTunes library, which contains nada because everything was wiped out during John’s reformatting, remember? Now, I need help. I exported all the songs in an xml file before clicking on “yes” to replace all the songs. How do I upload it back to iTunes? I tried Export library and yes, it opens, but it yields to a blank playlist. The same question goes for downloaded songs from Limewire, which was connected to iTunes also. 

If I don’t figure out the answers to those, I may end up uploading songs batch by batch again. Kalungkot naman. =(

Categories: Random Judie

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