sleep is after me

Sleep has been chasing me since last night. I know it has every right to do so since I’ve been getting 3-4 hours of sleep the past few weeks (doing nothing). I slept at 3 am this morning to fill up Sophie. I did about a hundred. Speaking of which, I surprisingly had a blast downloading Paula Abdul’s songs. I was in grade school during the heyday of her career. It felt good that I exactly knew the words to Promise of a New Day after more than a decade. =)

Since sleep has been bugging me in between watching TV, I only got to start Veronica Mars. I went as far as the 4th episode; I woke up an hour later already. Then thankfully, QTV is now airing the original episodes of Lois and Clark. It was so hideous when it’s dubbed. They were airing Wonder Woman, too. Vintage kung vintage.

I may need to continue reading my first Plan 30 book before sleepdom snatches me again.


Categories: Bookworm Judie, Random Judie, TV & Movie Buff Judie

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