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Life is very good to me. I can only provide specifics in the coming weeks. For now, let’s just say my upsetting February-ender turned 180 degrees for the better only on the second day of March. I’m pretty petrified when I think of the potential events in future, but I’ll just face them as they come siguro. Life is all about doing that anyway.

I was interviewed by a State Department senior inspector this morning. As in at 7:30 a.m.! I wasn’t actually nervous because I had several things outlined that I would like to discuss. Plus, the inspector’s demeanor was very welcoming. Maybe they’re tailored that way so employees would be encouraged to speak up. I used up an hour and 10 minutes of her time talking about personal and professional issues pertinent to me. I think I’ve said a lot. Not too much, but a lot. I vividly remember repeating the phrase, “It would be better to talk to the persons concerned’ or “I am not in the position to elaborate on that”. Just to carefully lay down the boundaries of satisfying the inspector’s questions without being a spokesperson of the aggrieved. But then again, I admittedly said a lot, which I can stand up for, lest some people out there would dare me to discuss them (weh, out of basic politeness, that shouldn’t even be asked ano. But then again, you haven’t been in our office to actually understand that it’s only easy to say…oh well…) 

One thing I was proud of was the inspector’s vocal praises of my English-speaking skills. I was mildly interrupted just to be asked if I studied in a U.S. university. O di ba. Anyway, after the compliment, I affirmed na lang that many Filipino employees in the office have outstanding command of the language naman.  

Overall, it was a good talk. Several things were raised that made me feel proud of what I do. Plus, I think my confidence picked up after the compliment which came early on in the session. Atsaka when you speak from real experiences, or sige na nga, from the heart, you’ll really be on a roll. I remember my horrible class reportings and now I confirmed that it’s not because I’m a terrible speaker, I’m just not into the things I have been saying. Between talking about globalization’s effect on civil society groups AND office-related issues day-by-day, obviously we have more to say about the latter.     

I am a happy creature now. =) I am going to have a very happy weekend. I am going to have happy days from now on. =)  

Anyway, I started Plan 30 yesterday and maybe I’ll finish my first book tomorrow. It’s nice to have goals. I still have unfulfilled ones (hint: school) but I’m sure I’ll get by. Also, it appears that what I saved as an xml file doesn’t contain the former contents of Sophie. So thanks to manual upload and Limewire, I have 2 hours worth of songs. As I said, I’ll get by.

sophie as of March 2

A couple more hundred songs to go. =) For now, sufficient na ito when travelling to and from the office. Ayos.

Lastly, I don’t like the results of American Idol tonight. Was super disappointed. Tsk.  


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  1. super disappointed. bata pa naman si sanjaya kaya marami pa syang chances dun sa lugar nila, hahaha =) sa totoo lang konti lang magaling sa boys kumpara sa girls tas they’re weeding out the better ones pa. kaloka! =)

  2. disappointed ka kasi nawala si AJ? =) ako rin. sana si injan pana nalang ang nawala. hehehe. malamya, eh. walang life!

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