happyness, house and huwaaat?

I’m doing this fast enough so when I hit “Save & Publish” it would actually publish and not lead me to my main blog page. That’s what happened last night but instead of feeling so pissed, I turned off the computer and just watched SNL. See, I’m making progress with my anger management.

Anyway, last Friday, I watched The Pursuit of Happyness with my office friends. We’ve been waiting for a date movie since Dreamgirls’ playdate has been moved twice na. I’ve not seen Happyness’ trailer and only relied on Sandy’s kuwento that there was a heartbreaking scene in a comfort room. Interestingly, I chanced upon Oprah’s interview of Will Smith and his equally adorable son Jaden, and the real Chris Gardner the night before we watched the movie.

So, the movie was very heartwarming. There were a few goofs and cinematics I was willing to let go because the movie was just amazing in its simple way. It was a fantastic re-telling of a significant part of one’s life. It reminded me of how Friends With Money was presented; some got bored with it but it was actually just that, a slice of life of women in their midlives.

The comfort room scene that Sandy talked about was one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Actually starting from the “time travel” that lead to the BART station comfort room scene. Very heart-tugging. Then another favorite was when Chris was told by the bosses that they’re offering him a job in the brokerage firm. Galing ni Will Smith dun; Kats and I teared also because we emphatized with him, with everything they went through ba naman. And of course all scenes with Jaden was tops. Especially his two knock-knock jokes towards the end. More than a rags-to-riches story, it was about father and son love that would inspire you. I loved it.


House update: I am still too coy to admit it but I think I’m being sucked by the fandom that is House, M.D. At first, I was getting hooked but was still not as enamored with Dr. Gregory House because he annoys me. Then I realized he’s not meant to be enamored pala, hahaha!!! It’s like not liking someone because he’s too annoying and self-centered but you realize those were the same qualities that make you eventually fall for him. =) So now, I can say I ♥ Drs. House, Cameron, Chase, Foreman, Cuddy and Wilson (I’m only on my 7th episode!). The image of doing an MRI, administering I.V. drips (?), discussing tularemia, etc. are all becoming common to my layman ears now. Plus the urge to use “differential diagnosis, anyone?” in our next meeting is kicking wildly. =)


American Idol: Aaah, what’s happening to them? While it’s true that contestants were only good as their last performance, parang minsan it’s better to look at the bigger picture, or in this case the whole singing package of a contestant. I was all for Antonella being voted off. As for Sabrina Sloane— naman! Although it’s like that when they’re trimmed down, you’re forced to vote off someone from a pool of good ones. But I don’t think it was Sabrina’s time yet. I’m betting on her pa naman. And Lakisha, Jordin and Melinda (although I wish she would have more neck, hihihi! And she reminds me of Ella Mae Saison). Sa guys I have yet to choose pa—Paul Stacy was becoming thinner by the day and it disturbs me. Anyway, I didn’t like Sundance since the beginning but I think he didn’t deserve to go this early either. I have nothing against Sanjaya, I even liked him during his audition, but he’s not just cut for Idol. Yet? I’ve been reading (baseless) comments about Simon not going back on Idol if Sanjaya becomes AI for Season 6. And a funny one that ten years ago, women preferred Sanjaya’s hairstyle, although then it was called The Rachel. Hahahaha, natawa ako dun talaga!

Anyway, it’s over and done. Let’s see how the 12 will fare this week.

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