87. I had my blood sugar tested and it was 87. The normal level is between 69 and 106. To celebrate the discovery that I’m safe from diabetes as of now, I ate and ate and ate. Gateau ensaymadas, bland pancit and lame fruit salad from the office cafeteria, deep-fried tofu and grande vanilla frappe. I hope it sufficed for a day.

If I want to cut the school requirements out of my arse so it won’t tail behind me in summer, I should include 15 course-related books in Plan 30, one of them is 671 pages of Asian Security Perspective by Muthiah Alagappa. Doy doy doy those books. I always interchange the topics in my two classes that’s why I can’t move on. Thinking about them makes my nose bleed.

I’m obsessed with Google maps but I still can’t find our roof. So I stopped and watched Ellen’s interview of Oprah instead. And read Noynoy Aquino’s loooooooooooong podcast transcript. And answered a few laddergrams and cryptograms. 

I think this life is okay as it is.

Categories: Random Judie

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