The scorching heat has its way of making me more twisted than I already am.

Despite a tinge of guilt from choosing work over school, I was given a last chance to make it right. I didn’t remember the whole agreement but I did remember saying I’m going to submit something next week. Won’t hurt to ask myself what was it that I have gotten myself into…again. (I wish the prof just signed my dropping forms last month. It would have made things easier for all of us.)

I am counting my days of being irresponsible. Really, the days of this level of high regard for laziness and extreme attention to personal happiness are numbered. No, I’m neither getting married nor having a baby.

Some people accomplish numerous errands on Saturdays. I don’t. That’s why I rarely plan. So today was spent sleeping till my head hurt, and getting my fix of the events in Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, and conducting my own form of loyalty check (aka Season 9, episodes 1 to 4 of Friends).

To cap my lame day, I randomly browsed the numerous Friends-related youtube vidoes (most of which are just fan videos) and found an old E! feature that said Hank Azaria (who came in every now and then as David the scientist) was considered for the role of Joey Tribbiani. The other one considered? Vince Vaughn. What could’ve happened if Vince became Joey?

Categories: Random Judie

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