hey, crammer

I want to have a lamp with a magic genie who can weed me out of this mess.

Simply put, this is perhaps the worst cramming I will put myself into. I only have seven days to read literally thousands of pages of materials from various sources for book reviews, entries for annotated bibliographies, and sensible answers to the take-home exams. Take note, reading may be easier but understanding what you’re reading is where the dilemma starts. One week. Seven days. After that, you’re expected to have results. I used to joke about sem-long requirements done the night before the submission, but it’s utter hell if you are to submit the requirements all at once. Whose fault? Clue, I tried filing my dropping forms but I was made to stay. I should be prepared for a failed mark, when I tried simply having a “Dropped” mark in my graduate school transcript. Of course I can’t help but blame the professor because I’m human, I’m insane, and I am too proud. I’m also a bag of crap.

On top of the very tall order of two class requirements, I still have :

  • a newsletter which is slated for release next week

  •  a special project that is due incidentally this week

  • distant learning courses to undergo to check what’s worthy to be used in a larger scale training program for my colleagues (ASAP)

  • a correspondence course which involves passport and citizenship issues

  • regular workload, duh

And selfishly speaking, my Plan 30 project is still alive. My social life is moving and despite all these stressors, I can’t give it up. My summer itinerary. My personal errands (bills, bank accounts, etc.)

Oh hell, it will be better tomorrow. If it won’t, then I will just kill the genie.

Categories: Random Judie, Student Judie

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