I love you already. I really do.

Okay, don’t continue reading if you are expecting a true-to-life update of my romantic status.

Because I’m typically shallow, I usually get all wired up with TV serials. Especially in this day and age of seasons’ worth of episodes sold for a few hundred bucks in Quiapo. 

A few weeks ago, I started watching House to satisfy my curiosity. I told myself then, I’m gonna alternate it with Veronica Mars, and that’d be if and only if I will have time to do so in between watching events unfold in Neptune, California. 

I never got to watch beyond the 4th episode of Veronica Mars.

Despite my very loaded schedule, I deliberately disregarded many tasks to finish Season 1 of House. Not one bit regretful. I’m going to punish myself to finish the tasks I left off…after this post. This includes my take home final exam answers due on Tuesday and Wednesday. And 2 book reviews, 2 review of related lits, and 2 term papers. Don’t ask me if I’ve finished all reading materials. Anyway, I digress.

Okay, have I said I love House to bits now? 

It’s something I didn’t expect I would feel. I’m weird, well, much as he is, probably. He started off overwhelmingly annoying but episode per episode saw me loving him more. Yay! Actually the love extends to Cuddy, Wilson, Cameron, Chase and Foreman. And maybe Stacy, though I’ve seen her in two episodes only. Every episode is amazing in its own way. Thank God for subtitles though because I wouldn’t be able to follow those medical terms, especially when Chase speaks. Haha, I’m such an idiot with accents.

The appearance of Chi McBride as Edward Vogler was good, too, considering that he once was my favorite highschool principal. 

The storyline on House and Cameron wasn’t much appealing to me (not because I want House for myself). For someone who usually falls for men older than her, I wasn’t sold to their pairing. Maybe it’s because above romantic angles, I am more of a sucker for mentor-trainee relationships. 

And more importantly, I’m notches up a real sucker for strong friendships despite sarcasm (the Chandler Bing type, and more)- so think House and Wilson. 

While there were bouts of quitting, betrayal, romantic feelings, I am all for the relationship of House to his 3 fellows. He luurves them, obviously. He didn’t wanna lose any of them if asked with all honesty, did he?

But if there’s a ship I would like to be part of, it’s the House/Cuddy ship. Is it going to happen later? Oh, please don’t answer me. Erase, erase. Their banters are my favorites on every episode. Cuddy can’t match the sword-sharp tongue of House but she sure puts him in his place many times. And he listens to her. It might seem he doesn’t respect her but he obviously does. He might even feel the same level of security with her as he does with Wilson. Probably hooking them up would make things uncomfortable, especially with the arrival of Stacy (House’s ex-live-in partner), but I’m still hoping. Maybe to the extent of scattered could-have-beens.

My most favorite episode of the first season was the second to the last, with the arrival of Stacy Warner (Sela Ward). For the same length of 43:08 minutes, it answered most of the questions I gathered from watching the preceding 20 episodes. You will understand House more, you will know him more. In truth, for a while there I thought of jumping off the House/Cuddy ship, but it’s actually unhealthy to wish someone who loves her husband to leave him, only to go back to the arms of a man who, by her own admission (and I’m paraphrasing here), has always been, is, and will always be the one for her.


I love love love House. Not just the show. But House. Dr. Gregory House. (Not Hugh Laurie though. But just House.) I can marry him anytime, with the limp and cane and all. 

And oh, everybody lies. And to quote longer my new love, The truth of the human condition is that everyone lies. The only variable is about what.

(Credit for ALL the images I used goes to http://www.housemd-guide.com.)

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2 replies

  1. sorry i dont have a web site.
    i liked all your comments, especially cus youre weird like me and are in love with house {an older dude}. anyway nice page!!

    ps. HOUSE ROCKS !!!!!!!!

  2. i love both house and hugh laurie — it’s not the posh english accent, but the impressive body of work.

    hope he wins the emmy!

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