See you!

Ms. C and I

This is one of the last pictures we had together as co-workers. We love taking pictures and in a year of working together, we did accumulate lots.

She refrained from saying goodbye to us. She prefers “See you!”, which is more apt, I suppose. I’m not happy she’s gone but things like this are meant to happen to give way to what God wants us to see.

One year flew by so fast. I remembered googling her as soon as I heard that she’s going to be our new boss. I was pretty intimidated by her credentials and I worried about what she might feel when she finally gets to the office. This is what I basically said:

the new supervisor will start tomorrow. i don’t know what to expect…i’ve heard stuff na she’s mabait naman, she’s okay to work with. pero syempre you can’t brush off anxiety and giddy expectations. frankly, on top of my head is the idea na she would feel disappointed upon finding out how and what the job really is. hindi naman sya masama pero in truth, sa umpisa lang sya super exciting, especially if you’re an outsider, kasi there are bazillions of things to learn! i don’t know, i may be pre-judging her…maybe this is the type of work she wants to do (clue: if you wanna slow things down in your life!)…maybe this impression is just from us, yung mga twenty somethings who are still idealistic. part of this anxiety also is my own little snooping (courtesy of google) about her credentials. a celebrity in her own right, a civic worker, a TOWNS awardee no less…oh man, i really don’t know. siguro nga i should not feel or expect things for her. let her realize it for herself. kasi if she really finds na this situation is what she needs after all those years of being up and about in the society…then i should be happy di ba? malamang ilan nga lang siguro sa amin ang nag-iisip na the pasture is way greener somewhere.

In a span of one year, let’s just say unfortunate events transpired and she decided to go and leave. It was a very wise decision and for a more intelligent reason of choosing your battles well. Some people, and they are not wrong, would prefer to stay (until evil will do everything to kick you out—but that’s another story, say, another blog entry?) because one’s conscience is clear. Some people would move on and brush off something that you can’t win anyway. I think if there’s someone who lost in this battle of wits, they’re the people who were left fighting a senseless battle for the sole reason that they derive power, validation and satisfaction from low-life, jologs-type of office politics. Enough said.

It will not be the same without her, of course. I cannot promise to continue what she started but I will do everything to keep them alive. Everything I learned from her, everything we did together, they all encapsulate a super worthwhile year, probably the best ever since I became an adult. It’s not everyday that you’re given a chance to work with someone whom you can have intelligent conversations with, someone who would stimulate you to think outside the box. While I have no complaints with my immediate officemates, it’s sad that people like her leave, and you can only envy them because they’re sure to move on to other things.

On Monday, we will go along with our office routine without her.And I’ll be taking her place. I wasn’t joking when I said that I will bring some Holy Water to bless it with, and perhaps have an expert do a feng shui reading, because that desk could really be cursed. After being hit by the curse though, it seems that former occupants of the area do move to better places. Let’s see.

For now, let me say thanks a bunch to a wonderful mentor and friend. You will be missed. I love you lots and SEE YOU AROUND!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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5 replies

  1. We miss you already Ms C! But yeah, we know that you’re just a text away. God bless, too!

    ♥ u!

  2. Judie, judie… this is soooo sweet! Thank you so much for all being a part of my life – of my golden year by the bay. Let us continue to keep the bonds we forged – I’ll always be just a text, an email or a phone call away. God bless!

  3. haha. matagal ko na napansin kaya lang akala ko namamalikmata ako. hehe. i was right all along. =)

  4. yup, yup that’s her. she’s an amazing woman. it’s been a very wonderful year with her =)

  5. correct me if i’m wrong…but she’s the daughter of a respected actress right? and she writes for the PDI. i read some of her articles.

    it must have been cool to work with her. =)

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