Jennifer Aniston’s  much-hyped guesting on the season finale of her bff Courteney Cox’s DIRT was amazing. I wanna kick myself for missing the past 10 episodes. Anyway, it will be an injustice if FX will not push through with its second season. Just unfair.

 The 5-part season finale of Dirt is already on youtube. I recommend that you take a peek.

There are lots of rave boards and rave foras on DIRT. I only want to say one thing though. Watching Tina Harrod (Jennifer), that very sly, scheming, backstabbing woman, in the guise of a sweet-talking mother, partner, friend and mentor— gosh, she totally reminded me of someone. I need not say from where because if you’ve been reading my previous posts, you would figure it out. And no, it’s not the HR officer I love to hate.

Anyway, going back to the show, I love Lucy Spiller that I actually hated the guts of Tina Harrod. Hahahaha!!! I’ll definitely watch the episodes that lead to it. (I love the schizo pap Don, too!) 

And ILU Doris for all the updates just when I needed them most. Kisses!

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