I composed an entry about my thoughts after 48 episodes of House. I usually don’t continue typing when all these information race in my head and I only type using four fingers– actually if I’m typing fast enough, I use only 2, both index fingers (no kidding). Maybe in the near future, when I’ve adjusted to my new life, I can probably have more time finishing entries like that. For now I can only say I am high on House-isms and I don’t want to get better.

I told Hael I’m watching the episode with Dave Matthews while typing this post. Just remembered her! I am only halfway with the episode but I think I would want him to be Outstanding Guest Star in a Drama Series in the next awards season. Hihihi!

I cannot be coherent so I will not even try to be one.


Categories: Random Judie, TV & Movie Buff Judie

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