Gaah. Holidays!

One of my brothers dropped by to fix some electrical stuff in the house which we can’t entrust to other people. Yeah, we’re skeptical like that. Plus with him we don’t have to pay anything. Hahaha, user.

So over dinner we talked about our other brother’s trip to our other sibs in Dagupan last Easter Sunday. Turned out he was with his wife’s relatives in Pangasinan when he decided to drive a few miles up north to pay a visit to our other sibs. It became a mini-reunion of sorts that awaken the inggitera in me. Anyway, I suggested to do it again, with us this time (2 brothers and their families weren’t able to come), and the earliest holiday in the horizon is Labor Day, which is also in time for Dagupan’s Bangus Festival. 

Just when everything is starting to sound so good, I found out that May 1 falls on a Tuesday, and Monday is a working day. The government website says so, and so does my office’s calendar of holidays. Gaaaah. It will be too late for me to file a leave as one of my staff will still be in Chicago by then, and we’re understaffed as it is. My conscience cannot take calling in sick to enjoy a planned trip. That’s just terrible. See, I’m changing. *evil grin*

I am hoping for a change in the holiday schedule as what always happens during ipit holidays like this coming Labor Day. I have yet to check if we are scheduled to receive clients on April 30. I hope we’re not. I have not gone anywhere since…OMG I can’t remember anymore. Oh no, I went up to Tagaytay last month. But good Lord, that’s Tagaytay. It’s like someone from La Union saying she has been to Baguio. Huungghhhh.

+_+ +_+ +_+
I just love that line. House grabbing Cuddy’s ass in the middle of the night to ask for permission to remove half a man’s brain is a happy sight forever.

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