Royce’ and Ryan

I forgot to rave about the “arrival” of Royce’ Potato Chip Chocolate (weird, but it’s what it says) in my office chair after I went to the ladies’ room yesterday. =)


Anyway, my RP Erwin left 2 boxes and charged me $25. They weren’t free. He had a pricey haircut in the Lion City so my potato chips suddenly weren’t free. =)

Royce’ was okay, and as Sands said, it’s something that’ll take you a while to really like. It wasn’t disappointing though. It was just right. Probably not something I would want terribly if someone is traveling abroad.

I would have bumped RP to Guy 3 but when he computed the total cost, with a sneaky attempt to overcharge me just because I only got to Math 11 in college, I took the thought back. =)

*     *     *

In the hustle and bustle of payday Friday in Glorietta last week, a voice called my name, loud enough to make me stop and look back. I locked eyes with a guy I knew I know but couldn’t figure out who. Turned out it was Ryan, my grade school classmate, whom I haven’t seen in 13 years.

Ryan : Judith! Kumusta na?


Ryan : I just got here last week…blah blah…church wedding…blah blah…based in Japan…blah blah…

Me : Wow, congrats!

Ryan : I asked Kris to call everyone…blah blah…quick get-together…blah blah…


Ryan : Minsan nagcha-chat kami ni Lorelei…

Me : (to self: Ah si Ryan, my grade school classmate who’s always B1 because his last name starts with “Ab”. He used to laugh so hard at very corny jokes usually of Kris, who now goes by the name Bombits.)

Ryan : Kunin ko number mo….

Me : (gives number)

Ryan : O pano, text na lang kita. Hopefully we can get together before I leave!

Me : Sure, sure! Just text or call me. *gives Ryan a lame jab*

Ryan : *lame jabs me back* Sige, sige, nice seeing you again!


I was grinning when I recovered from the encounter. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan thought I developed some form of progressive mental retardation after grade school graduation.

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2 replies

  1. Sinabi mo. Andami pa kayang tao nun and all i can think of was, “Sino nga ba ito? Sino nga ba ‘to?” =)

  2. hehehehe

    sobrang speechless ka ha

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