uppers and downers

Before I was swallowed by the deluge of responsibilities and the lure of Tokyo, I was meaning to blog about a few hits and misses:

Upper : I sat through a whole episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip last night. And it’s the ep with Lauren Graham (Long Lead Story).

Downer : The only scene with Lauren and Matthew Perry was not shown. That short banter about cutting out the ‘Jenny’ sketch and ‘Calico Girls’ was cut.

Upper : It will be House night once again tomorrow. And it’s an episode Sandy can watch. It has lots of House/Stacy, a ship that Sandy immediately jumped in to.

Downer : My monitor is busted so I’m forced to update my blog(s) in internet shops. As I recall, the monitor went *flicker flicker* a few weeks ago. I didn’t mind it until the *flicker flicker* became very frequent until one night it went *flickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflicker  zap*. When I turned the PC on again, the monitor only went *ticktickticktick* and I decided to stop trying to wish it would actually turn on when I smelled something burning at the back of it.

Upper : I bought a new set of barrettes from Goody. =)

Downer : This incessant pain on the right side of my tummy.

Upper : Less traffic everyday going to and from the office.

Downer : Finding the body of US Peace Corps volunteer Julia Campbell. It was sad to think that just this morning a congressional request for assistance was inadvertently sent to my department, and we responded with hope that the proper agency will definitely do its part as best as it can.

Upper : Jennifer Aniston will finally start shooting “Wanted” with the Meryl Streep.

Downer : Finding out that Hugh Laurie had been unfaithful to Jo Green a few years back.

Upper :  It’s going to be House night tomorrow.

Downer : Sanjaya Malakar might not be eliminated from American Idol and worse, it might be at the expense of LaKisha Jones.

Upper : Powerbooks is on sale again (aka 20% on almost all books). I resisted buying the mass market paperback copy of Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper (which I’ve waited to get cheap since forever). I also resisted buying Elizabeth Noble’s Alphabet Weekends because I have not read her The Reading Group, one of the two books left unread in my “souvenir from Borders” group of 10 books (the other one is Noam Chomsky’s Hegemony or Survival. Well, come on, it’s Noam Chomsky. I rarely slip in that sphere of intellectual existence.) 

Downer : Powerbooks is on sale and I have not bought one book.

Upper : I think I found someone I like. Who would have thought?

Downer : I think I found someone I like.  Who would have thought?

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