10 Things You Can Hate About Me

Because I was tagged by Jacs and Ailene:

INSTRUCTIONS: A person who gets tagged must write in his or her blog ten weird things or habits or little known facts about himself or herself. He or she should also state this rule clearly. At the end, he or she should tag six other people, except the one who tagged him or her.

1. When I was younger, I touch the things I want to have in a catalog, wishing that they will appear next to me. I usually do it with bags and shoes.

2. Whenever I pay my bills, I check my account number thrice before proceeding. Even if I wrote it legibly and exactly, I have to verify it thrice.

3. I eat M&M with peanuts by eating all the chocolate coating first (the power of my tongue, be warned), spitting the peanut and accumulating them in either my palm or a napkin. I eat the peanuts when I finished off the chocolates.

4. My arms sway when I walk. I have had too many crotch-touching accidents because of this.

5. During my very first business class flight, I took the TV out and watched as soon as the plane level allowed it. I felt guilt for hogging the TV that I asked the passenger next to me if he wants to watch anything he likes. He said “No, thanks.” A few hours later he took out the TV intended for his own seat. Ano bang malay ko na tigi-tig-isang TV pala kapag ganun.

(Edit on September 8, 2008: I actually had MORE Mr. Bean moments during that flight. But they only lasted until I got to Detroit. Of course the succeeding trips to DC, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and the layover to Tokyo back to Manila…syempre mayabang na ako, alam ko na eh!)

6. Until I was 14 years old, I thought that when you sleep while hugging each other tight, you would be pregnant—get this—the next day. No bull, until I was 14.

7. Like Ailene, I don’t know how to ride a bicycle.

8. I faked an asthma attack to escape a Filipino recitation in sophomore high.

9.  I seriously thought of quitting highschool because of my fantasy that Keanu Reeves would come here and marry me, and that it wouldn’t matter even if I didn’t finish school because I can always go back after I had our babies. The height of insanity.

10. Whenever I read a book, I time myself for 15 minutes, after which I count the number of pages I’ve read. I usually do between 10 and 25 depending on the book genre. I very rarely read through and through. Like a force of habit, I just have to time myself every 15 minutes. Now it’s easier to recognize me in a coffeeshop.

(Corollary to #10, unless I got a book that’s already creased on the spine, I carefully turn each page, twisting my hands if necessary, just so the spine would remain seamless. To paraphrase my favorite line in Primary Colors, I would rather suffer personal discomfort than sacrifice the integrity of the spine. Oh, I also like the smell of book pages. And plastic covers.)

I tag Ayien, Lai, Pearl, Doris, Kaye, Ms. C, Patty, Hael, E, Meral. I tagged 10 just in case some of them already did this meme.

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  1. hello ate j! ang cute mo kumain ng M&Ms ha. ang weird. hahaha! 🙂


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