life’s little pleasures

This is my fourth entry for today. Don’t you love weekday breaks?

As soon as I was done with my last entry below, Rach messaged me asking if I am available to meet. Two hours later, we were in G4, battling the throng of Spiderman watchers. We spent an hour or so in Iceberg’s then we went window-shopping for laptops. By 4 pm, we entered Cyma and two hours later, we swore to ban anything edible for about 100 years. We literally stuffed ourselves with too much food. We usually forget how much we have eaten especially when it’s catching up time like this, but today it’s very evident. It’s bad enough that I indulged in carbs this morning what with my favorite carinderia porridge and boiled sweet corn. If I keep on doing this, it’s gonna be an extreme case of obesity waiting to happen.

The only consolation I get with getting bigger is that my *gasp* cleavage *gasp* becomes more enhanced. It will be worse if my love handles would be bigger than my breasts. It would be a tragedy. So this is a crude reminder to myself that this shouldn’t happen again soon, more importantly because of my health. (Yeah, right.) 

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  1. Thanks, Ms. C! Yeah, I’m very thankful for everything that’s happening now. Just careful and mindful lang coz you’ll never know! But I know prayers will pull me through. Miss you! 🙂

  2. Hi Judie, gald to see that things are working out well at the office and they are FINALLY giving you more opportunities for growth. It took a disaster to make that happen 🙂 All things DO work out eventually huh? Take care of your health though — try to get in some exercise time in your BUSY, BUSY week! Blessings always 🙂 Ms. C

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