Presenting D. Diamant

I’m back since Friday but with the flurry of activities, it’s very hard to grab some time to sit down and rest. I’m loving it though except that I’ve been eating too much just so I can cope with the pace.

My very first important errand post-madness that was last week was to buy a new monitor. Because I’m such a cheapskate (and practical), I opted to buy another CRT monitor. I have faith in LCD monitors but see, our modest house isn’t like the office, temperature-wise. Plus it’s more expensive, period. My mother argued with me for the slight price difference  but hey, 2K is 2K.  I cannot afford budget stretches like that at this point.

It’s ironic, really. Humility aside, I generously receive money every second Thursday yet it never seems enough.  Not that I’m rich but it’s a proven fact that the more money you have, the more you find things to spend them on. Good for me, I don’t wake up one day and find that my hard-earned money has gone to nowhere. Bills and other forms of expenses are here to stay. Anyway, I digress.

As I am in the habit of naming my things, I named my new monitor Dora Diamant. It was the first name that came to mind when I used it her (?) for the first time. The name is of, if I’m not mistaken, a former lover of Franz Kafka.

With the arrival of Dora, I can catch up with tons of information I missed. Funny, I find it lacking when I couldn’t update myself with my cyberfriends’ blog updates when I have lots of friends whom I haven’t heard from in years. I content myself with 5 or 6 friends who are with me physically almost everyday. What a wretched life I have.

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