this is a pig phase-less weekend

I have been looking forward to this weekend since the Labor Day holiday.  I planned this quite hazily but I’m pretty satisfied with its outcome. As much as I love (re)building relationships with my officemates, I felt the need to include in the mix the other important people of my past and present. For this weekend, I met with my gradeschool bestfriend Iryn and my nephew James. Tomorrow, my other nephews would raid the house and though rowdy and noisy kids rarely rank high in my preference list, I am actually excited to see them.

My dinner date with Iryn almost didn’t push through. Good thing she had to go to her new school (she decided to take up Nursing) so she had sufficient reason to battle the metro traffic not just to solely meet with me. Our dinner wasn’t as fancy as I planned had we met on a Saturday. But it was well-worth the hassle, especially my unusually early departure from the office on a busy Friday. What I love about meet-ups with old friends is how we can mentally outline the things we want to talk about, the topics we want to continue pursuing from the last time we were together. Mostly though, it was about our personal lives. We tend to get emotional with our quarterlife state, and ramble about our changing preference in life, as frequently as we change our clothes, sometimes. This will pass, and whatever mistakes we commit along the way, I’m sure it’s going to be well worth it in a few years, experience-wise. It’s a personal favorite when Proust questionnaire respondents say that they consider it their lowest depth of misery when they provide even a tiny space for regret. While tsk, tsk is one of my common expressions, I rarely dwell on something other people might regard as regrettable.

Today, I met with James (aka Jajo) for what was supposedly a lunch date then a movie afterwards. I got to Powerbooks Live almost two hours late, and he, an hour later than me. We ended up eating for about 2 hours, and exchanged stories about lots of things. He comfortably talked to me about the goings-on in his professional and personal life. I shared some information but they’re mostly about work. While I am aware how intelligent he is, I guess I’m not prepared to say anything concrete about my personal life to anyone; sometimes, I even garble and buckle when I tell it to myself. That’s how messed up it is.

I decided to skip LN’s going-away party at his residence. They were expecting me to appear but I told them I can’t, at the last minute. The rare talk with my nephew counted more (awwww), plus the prospect of going home so late didn’t appeal to me because I still have to semi-finish something very urgent.

So, one day down, one more to go before I swim in yet another chaotic week in the office. I used to consider my weekends sacred, in the sense that I prefer to stay at home and have the license to be a pig (pun intended). Lately, I prefer having them with activities on an average level, still leaving some precious alone time. I think the change has a lot to do with the terrible warm weather. When it’s the rainy season in a few months, I hope to totally get rid of the pig phase and still enjoy activites other than eating and sleeping.

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