minor setbacks and mini-triumphs

I. Oi, the distance learning course. I e-mailed the trainer, on behalf of everybody, suggesting for the postponement of our final exam. She wasn’t fazed. Told us if we haven’t had time to read and study in the past few weeks, we won’t have time to do so in the next weeks, considering the very premise that we used—the workload.

 Our OpsDir stepped in. Still, the trainer won’t budge. I heard that the superboss talked to her, and next thing we realized, she’s here in our own office, settling the matter. For our part, we decided to have it around June. Not because we’re afraid of something; we just need more time to study. For a bit, I was really thrown off by the insinuation that we’re gonna do worse if we postpone the exam. It’s like saying, mangangamote na kaming mga Pinoy sa exam in the first place. *harumph* Perfect kaya ako dun sa final exam nung unang consular course na kinuha namin na kasunod lang nito ang level. *harumph* 

In the end, some took the exam today, and some of us will do it on the 13th of June. As for the OpsDir, “I’m going to take it when I’m ready.” Oh, di ba?

II. Remember this?

I made a firm promise to my layout editor extraordinaire that if and when I don’t turn in most of the content by Monday morning, I’m going to be unwed, unloved, romantically unappreciated forever. That’s how badly I need it to be over and done with.

It’s Wednesday and there’s about 0.5% of the second issue ready for release. I don’t care if I lost the bet with fate. Screw it. Who believed it anyway? =)

III. I tried something and not for long, someone told me to do something, to check if I would be worthy to be with them. I was given a 24-hour deadline and I missed it. For someone who’s trying to impress, I failed miserably. I am going to give it to them, still, but my tardiness might spell doom as regards their first impression. Anyway, if this won’t go well, I can always go and try the next one available.

IV. I came across S in the hallway this morning. I greeted him with a “Sir” attached to his name. After about 10 seconds of pleasantries, we parted. If it was a year ago, everything would blur and my smile would be uncontrollable. However, today, I felt nothing. It was like I simply greeted a boss from another department. Wala na talaga.

V.  In two months, we would tell our deputy chief that we call her the office’s Miranda Priestly.

Continued, 28 hours later.

VI. COMELEC Commisioner Rex Borra, along with International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) representatives, graced our election monitoring seminar yesterday. After a barrage of information, and a few snoozefest topics, I was almost on the floor laughing when Commissioner Borra explained the “parts” of a ballot box. In a nutshell, a ballot box has a couple of compartments to place different kinds of ballots (used, spoiled, etc), and is not a place to put your slippers, umbrellas or bags. Oh well, it was so funny when he was saying it. Not to demean anyone or any institution, but I think if you’re a Filipino, you will laugh at the very possibility of it happening.

VII. My recent comfort food, dethroning french fries dipped in honey mustard sauce, is cheese and garlic quesadillas. Although I think the garlic and cilantro dressing paired with mashed jalapeno pepper did the trick. Maybe not only that, but also my recent discovery, Irish Chocolate Creme chiller of Gloria Jean’s. I’ve been on them for the past two weeks, thanks to the temporary closure of Starbucks and Figaro in the Pedro Gil wing of Rob Manila. They have been constant companions while I endure, much to my wonder, the 800-page adventure that’s a Tom Wolfe novel.

VIII. It will take me one year and eight months to be completely debt-free from our credit cooperative. For someone single, I cannot understand why I came to this financial state— and that is not to add the burden of my credit card bill. Although I am the sole breadwinner, it is only for a family of three (which includes me already). I just cannot understand what happened. So at the very least, I need to do good for two more years to pay them off. I am on the verge of believing that indeed, money makes the world go round. You’re a hypocrite not to believe a tinge of it.

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