substandard start

I was geared to start the long office grind when I discovered that I forgot my glasses at home. The orange-framed glasses which was bought to simply correct my vision is now a staple in my wretched office existence. My eyes were misty and red by 10 am, dry and redder (ier?) come 3 pm. What did I do so wrong that deserved an assasination attempt of my momentum?

I was not in my panicky mode though, and I told my ladies they will never see me that way again. I wonder if they have seen me panic in the first place. Well, from now on, I will maintain a calm disposition in everything. Pending office work gives you sufficient reasons to go and beat the 7:30 am time-in deadline. I am actually thinking money but that would be showing too much of me.

My early dinner date with my soul sister sealed a few travel plans. That’s her purpose in my life: to push me to act on my plans, whatever they may be. She has traveled way much more than I had so I’m taking her word when it comes to jetting out of this wonderful country.

I was home by 7 pm. Our cable connection was busted again because they have not finished “cleaning” the cable tappers. My mom’s so distraught because she’s gonna miss her daily soaps. I think I’m getting sick because I’ve not gone home this early since…*stares at the ceiling*.

Categories: Employee Judie, Random Judie

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