pulling it off well

We’re all exhausted, the whole team I mean. And it’s only Tuesday. Long ago, our work calendar has marked this week to be exceptionally draining and yes, we’re expecting this madness actually. I just like rubbing it in, to see if doing so would somehow ease the frantic atmosphere. Well, it seems it didn’t.

The demons of almost a 12-hour workday (the last four hours done out of good deed) can only be washed away by a pot of earl grey tea. It did the exorcism for me despite my struggle to get over the Tom Wolfe novel that I’ve been trying to finish since last week. I cannot put it down even if it’s not as engaging as his other books. It’s even like reading a young adult book, along the lines of Gossip Girls, A-List, and the like. It puzzles me that I cannot get through it, and I don’t want to think that 800 pages is its biggest roadblock to date. Anyway, an hour of detoxification and 80 pesos later, I’m down to the book’s last 60 pages. I have an early day tomorrow but I will try to finish it before I sleep.

Tomorrow will be a frenzy with various commitments it won’t feel like we’re stuck in a dungeon typing letters all day long. For one, I have a job interview— rather, I will interview prospective applicants for EO’s former spot. I am so not into scripted interviews as the practice had been and maybe, just maybe, I’m going to surprise myself by blurting a question or two beyond your typical grilling. I’m thinking something along the lines of metaphysics and existentialism but I think that would be too much. Then, my ladies will take over the afternoon reception hoopla as early as 11 am, leaving me to man the fort alone. I’ll act like a queen and arrive in time for the reception where actually, I’m not making a royal appearance, but I am to fulfill my noble task of, drum roll please, documenting the event. I hope there wouldn’t be too much questions, though with 210 guests, I highly doubt it. Darn.

Our Wednesday and Thursday will run pretty much the same mainly because of the receptions. I do not know with Friday, but it sure would be filled with anticipation and little moments of mind-wandering because the Saturday sunrise will see us off to Bohol. Gosh, I wish it’s Saturday already.

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3 replies

  1. yay, i’m back! it was sooo fun.

  2. oops have fun i mean

  3. uyyy inggit ako Bohol. Nice place! pasalubong na tarsier please =)
    take care gurl and happy fun

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