Exhausting day. Not even an encashed check can make it go away. And trust my feet to drag me, in three-inch heels, to a favorite bookshop and find something I wanted to buy for two years but haven’t as it has always been regularly-priced:

An Instance of the Fingerpost by Iain Pears

The cheapskate and relatively cash-strapped that I am can only splurge on Booksale items. So the above spelled fulfillment for a cost of 125 pesos. I was tempted to buy a thick reference material on Russia for 110 pesos but self-control took over.

I’m not kidding when I say that I practically have just enough money to last me until the end of the week.

I am iffy with the idea that beyond putting on sunblock and strutting my tanker of a body, I could love reading a book while facing the sea, the gentle wind touching me, and I would wish to stay longer. It’s a sweet temptation I’m willing to face, but, as reality dictates, a risk I would not be willing to take.  If I own a laptop which I can bring over there, to loudly tap the keys, composing something more coherent than this, then I don’t know what I’m going to do by Monday. Good thing I’m poor and don’t have one. At best, please let it be Saturday already.

p.s. Nina Simone is a music goddess.

p.p.s. The words of Dr. Allison Cameron to Dr. Greg House kept echoing in my ears. I would like to think it’s my oppressed idea sounding like, BRING STACY BACK (typed by a Huddy, typed by a Huddy), because it’s spoken on the last episode of Season 1 by Dr. Cameron. Try to figure that one out. She said it towards the end. And it hits me. Hard.

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4 replies

  1. @ Ate Reena – Yeah I have but it’s so last century pa. Parang detonator ng bomb sa airport ang itsura nun eh. Hahaha!!! and yup, I did have fun. Thanks!

    @ anonymous – Yeah, I get disoriented when Stacy enters the picture. Not so much with Cuddy/Wilson though…I’m more of them being close friends-slash-colleagues and all. And the Cameron line…I might quote it sooner or later (ugh, such drama).

    @ Pearl – Belated happy birthday! It sucks to be penniless on your birthday but at least…we’re pretty. Hahahaha!!!

  2. i’m broke too. my birthday’s coming up and i’m penniless! haha. enjoy your vacation. =)

  3. Hey House fan, yeah BRING STACY BACK!!!! House+Stacy=HOT! and Cuddy+Wilson=HOT! hmmm i wonder what cameron line you talking about, dont like her that much. peace out…

  4. I thought you have a laptop?

    Have fun in your vacation!

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