another open letter


I, the undersigned, in the edge of ending in a matter of hours, would like to acquaint you with what we went through with our very special mistress. “We”, because I am also writing on behalf of an important part of what we are, TWO WEEKS AGO.

According to TWO WEEKS AGO, it was very maddening. It even forgot what happened in the first three days. The mistress was on scheduled leave on Friday. Even if there was a mix-up in the Annual Physical exam schedule provided by the HR Department, she took the day off to keep her sanity intact. She had a no-brainer Gilmore Girls marathon of 6 episodes before slowly and sweetly going to Shangri-La with the hope of a pleasant Greek dining experience. Not only she wasn’t able to secure a table for the whole group, she was disappointed with her Azuki frappuccino. She should have believed that the cream-based concoction was better. Sorry to diasppoint those who liked it, pero ang hirap nung may monggo sa kape mo. Aaack.

The mistress and her group settled for Filipino cuisine because the Greek restaurant was fully-reserved, with no amount of charm to pass through it. The food was great (and so was the price). The mistress’ beloved former boss (and life coach!) treated them to dessert and hot tea. It was a wonderful night; the mistress got a decent reading time, ate good food, talked at length about interesting issues and saw friends on speaking terms again. Even if she had to take the bus and sweated like tortured pigs in a cramped barn with a friend to get home a little before midnight, it was worth everything.


The weekend saw the mistress covering her books with plastic (she managed to finish 14 books within 2 discs of Friends). See, wrapping books with Friends on the background— it’s a shallow but perfect piece of heaven on a weekend. Since it was a long one, she managed to study a bit for the Passport and Nationality final exam she’ll take in two days.

And it’s my turn now.

It was a common work-threatens-to-take-sanity away kind of thing. The mistress was happy to have wrapped up the second issue of the newsletter after four months. She had her LEE (layout editor extraordinary) to thank for most of it though.

There was the Investigative Techniques training where she and her whole unit had a great time attending. Manipulating the speaker to a certain degree was fun, too. She had a smooth run-in with a former friend (ah, refer to early February posts)…and she realized that with her, everthing’s really okay already. And it seems the same to the former friend. People can co-exist harmoniously, really.

Of course there was the exam which was a bit harder than the last. She’s confident she will pass it though. It will be a tremendous surprise if she gets another perfect score but yeah, in some twisted fantasy, the thought exists.

She watched Ocean’s Thirteen in MOA with Becky and Laine, after a hearty dinner at the China Palace with Olga. Food, great. Movie…hell, who still cares if the plot is shallow, unoriginal and dragging? Danny and Rusty in one frame is always enough to wipe drool off her mouth.

To cap an eventful me, the mistress, despite the dizzy spells due to lack of sleep, went ahead with her office friends for dinner and a chance to finally ride LRT 2. I guess her photoset can speak more about it.

Taco Bell

Another photoset can tell more about her rendezvous with her high school bestfriends. As said, it’s 12 wonderful years of friendship ,and counting. She loves them terribly.


She planned to hook one of them up with her “beyond repair” friend…

…who happened to have returned back to the galaxy after a “meltdown”. Meltdown my ass. Nevertheless, she’s happy he looked better than when she last saw him, and the fact that he’s basically back to his semi-rude self. She mentioned the proposed blind date and he said the best time would be when he returns after an office exchange gig in August. She hopes something fruitful will come out of it, never mind if it’s not permanent. Permanent is scary. If it won’t go well, he can go back to deciding whether to seal his fate by buying a condo for himself or continue expecting the unexpected. At least, the mistress is still on with the plan to use him for reproduction purposes if her own fate won’t yield someone whom — mushy red flag ahead— she can spend the rest of her life with. Yes, even if he has sealed his fate, in case he buys a rathole of a condo unit, because the mistress won’t entrust their product— the pioneer of a new breed of superior race— to someone who has intermittent meltdown periods, and of course, who lives in a rathole.

The above was how the mistress shows her love for a living thing called a friend beyond repair. No harm intended.

So, that’s about it for TWO WEEKS AGO and myself. We hope you’re somehow prepared. Do tell us what you’ve become after 7 days. Be fast yet fruitful.


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