Halftime Report

Dear LW and TWA,

Hi, I’m the mistress writing on behalf of Upcoming Week (although when we met, it’s already called This Week). You can call me Judie. No, call me Dith. A recent brush with my past had me reviving what most friends call me— Dith, that is.

Anyway, I will try to be as concise as possible because that’s what This Week would want. The mantra of the past few days has been the corny KISS—Keep It Short and Simple. Though most of the time, it’s Keep It Short, Stupid.

So, we still have three weeks worth of backlog, I have a Team Enhancement Module to start from scratch,  I have to update our team’s SOP before the new staff starts, I have to find out if I got an INC grade or a booming 5.0 in my two classes last sem, adjacent to that is to know when is the deadline of the filing of LOA for this semester. Oh see, this isn’t a rundown, this is a to-do list!

Moving on, I craved for teriyaki and tofu so I headed to my favorite Japanese fastfood in Rob. I read for 2 hours a book I borrowed from the section library. I bought bookmarks and letter stickers *cue chuckles*. I bought a marked down Oh, The Glory Of It All for 65 pesos. Not bad.

Today, I was floating on air, I didn’t know why. We were given certificates for passing the Passport and Nationality Correspondence Course. I met with other team leaders for….stuff. I found out that Jane Pitt paid Jennifer Aniston a short visit in her home in Malibu and I was fangirl-happy.

I was pissed last night with that Pinoy Big Brother housemate Wendy. Very crass. Very fake. She allegedly got mad at a fellow housemate for nominating her for eviction when all the while said housemate said she’s her idol, she loves her, etc.  Boba ka, sasali-sali ka sa competition tapos mag-iinarte ka ng ganyan pag nag-sa-strategize na dahil iilan na lang ang competitors. Estupida. Sana pinanood ang batang ito ng kahit episode lang ng The Weakest Link.  At ang breakdown nya kagabi ay walang kakuwenta-kwenta. What psychologists would say though is may pinag-ugatan ang ganung ugali nya, na unti-unting lumabas nung nag-iinarte sya sa tatay nyang iniwan sila. Anak ng kangaroo, lahat ng tao nagkakaproblema pero hindi lahat ganyan ka-bargas ang ugali. Maganda kasi kaya pinabalik sa loob ng bahay kahit evicted na. Ayan ang napapala ng ABS sa pagiging mukhang pera. Ano ngayon, paano nyo ipagtatanggol ang bobang yan. Baka anak yan ni Annabelle Rama hindi lang niya alam. Argh, sabi ko short items lang di ba?

Speaking of TV shows, sino naman ang matalinong nag-isip ng schedule na ito:

new annoying house schedule

Thursdays and Saturdays were suitable showtimes already! Why go back to the first season? They’re halfway the second season when they brilliantly changed the schedule. Grr. At best, for late bloomers of the House/Stacy ship, watch on July 4 and 5 for Three Stories and  Honeymoon, the episodes where Stacy returned to Princeton-Plainsboro and turned our lives upside down.  Tama naman pihado ang bilang ko diyan with the rate the episodes are going.  I’m ranting even if I have Seasons 1 and 2 already. Yeah, I’m like that. I used to wake up at 5 am before just to catch old Friends episodes, too. =)

No one dares to talk to me (and no one should) when I’m watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I watched The Harriett Dinner II episode last night, and I would have to say that Danny and Jordan are ♥. Stupid NBC for cancelling the show. Magsama kayo ni Wendy ng PBB.  Anyway, as one podcaster said, “Clearly, Studio 60 is the biggest casualty in the battle for intelligent programming.”

As I type, I am patiently waiting for 11 pm to catch the interview of Matt Lauer with Princes William and Harry on the Hallmark Channel.

While I wait, I am also uploading pictures from my past. It’s been a mini-project of Lyndsey and I after we parted on Saturday night. Thank God for scanners.  And thank Him too for overcoming humiliation, enough to stomach posting some hideous pictures in my online album.


baby Dith

…and more to come.  I had to look and endure looking at them. Because as they say, you’ll never get to where you’re going if you don’t look back at where you’re from. Like it matters.

So much for a short update. I told you I’m stupid.



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8 replies

  1. @ crisel – yeah, mixed emotions while looking at your old pictures talaga.

    i have not watched pbb episodes religiously and the ones i did, nairita lang ako for the most part. anyway, that’s reality show in its finest or worst siguro 🙂

    try mo rin ang house. i started out annoyed with dr. house too but it changed after three episodes. lovable din naman yung ibang cast 🙂

    @ pearl – at the rate things have unfolded, it would probably take a while before wendy wins a spot in any of abs’ shows. i keep on seeing people with not-so-nice plans if and when she gets the boot tonight. abs should be more prepared and strict sa venue tonight (kaso araneta ata, naku, enclosed!) dahil paglabas ni wendy mamaya baka puro boo at kamatis ang ibato sa kanya. alam mo, i even liked her nung umpisa kasi mukhang walang pretensions and walang arte sa tasks. until nagfeeling napakaganda and nagpaka-crass. lauren dyogi must have been wiping beads of sweats since last week.

  2. i don’t watch pbb anymore. umiinit lang ulo ko. you know that feeling when you see someone who annoys you so much? since it’s useless to feel mad at that bitch, i decided not to watch. sana lang i don’t see her in any ore shows when she gets out. i won’t watch ABS-CBN shows kung ganun. yeah right. eh kapuso naman talaga ko. =)

  3. don’t you just love looking at old pictures?

    funny to say this but i never thought i’d get hooked to pbb again. just because i just love how the housemates reacts. it’s er.. funny.. i mean a good form of entertainment to me. like you, i disgust wendy and have a lot of other things to say but couldn’t care less. haha.
    and i read girltalk forum pbb thread. i just never thought i’d read another pbb topic from your journal. you don’t look like you’re watching it. =p

    not a house fan though a friend of mine used to strongly recommend it to me. so i guess, i’ll watch it sometime. 😉

  4. hala ! totoo? nge… parang nai-imagine ko na yun itsura ko nun gradeschool and pag nakita ni pearl yun hehe

  5. @ Ms. C – Hahaha, thanks! Miss you.

    @ Pearl – Amen to everything you said. kairita tlaga sya, i stopped watching na.

    @ Iryn – Yah, those were the days talaga. and guess what, i got grade school pics with you coming very soon. hihihihi!!!

  6. Dearie!

    ive seen your gradeschool pics. na-miss ko yun JGSS. Those were days. Kung may blog lang nuon sana we could have kept lots and lots of pics.

    miss you my friend!

  7. my family and i watch PBB. we have 24/7 at home courtesy of our cable company so we see what the housemates do from the time they wake up until they close their eyes. she’s a lot worse than what some people may have seen in channel 2. if you can see her smirk and hear her torment the two girls, you’d wish you can actually go inside the house and kill her. i feel that way all the time. i wish abs-cbn would show the full footages. i feel sorry for her parents because they have a cheap, crazy, desperate daughter. she uses her being poor as a way to make others feel guilty about feeling bad that she got in after her first eviction. what an insult to the poor people who work hard and who have dignity. masyado ba akong affected? well, i just can’t believe that she can get away with tormenting her fellow housemates. walang breeding sobra. nakakagalit. she’s like a bully in the playground making the other nice kids suffer tapos gusto mo makisali kasi you feel it’s not right. anong mapapala mo sa ganda kung ugaling squatter naman? she even has two puppies who follow her around. si nel and bruce. god. bakit may mga ganung tao? well, there’s always karma. saka may mga problema din yung ibang housemates pero hindi sila umaarteng loka-loka. hmp.

  8. Dith, you are ageless and certainly not istufeed. Si Wendy lang yun. LOL

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