You’re nice, Julia, but…

I decided to make this a book day which means I’ll do related stuff like reading, covering them with plastic, staring at them or at least smelling the pages. Hmmm, I could do all of those today *weird smile*.

Anyway, part of it urged me to make a short review of the books I read in the past months. I told myself I’ll do it in an hour then I’ll bathe, then cover some books.

But since it comes and goes, I am now putting off the short review, because I happened to read the official episode submissions for acting categories in the forthcoming Emmy Awards.

It’s a list that I think you would be able to find somewhere, internet enthusiasts that you are. If not, then someone from Pinoyexchange posted it. Anyway,  I am pretty satisfied with some of the winners in the past years and rarely get affected by lots of “Blank was totally robbed of the award, blank totally sucked” rants. Those were opinions and I gladly respect them, because I got my own too. But since I said rarely, some concerns do spring from out of the blue. 

Of course, I am biased with some actors, positively and negatively, though not on a personal level. Like, Hugh Laurie would totally be my Best Drama Actor choice, though I have nothing against Patrick Dempsey and Kiefer Sutherland (although his father is definitely better…), and the others. Hopefully though, Hugh won’t get snubbed in the nomination this year.  But, and this is a big one, no offense to Julia Louis-Dreyfus followers because I do not find her that funny at all. Seriously. She isn’t even that funny in Seinfeld. And yes, Seinfeld to me, isn’t that funny. Believe me, I tried watching. I think our tickle bones are made differently from each other. This goes to people who don’t find Friends funny, or House, amusing. I totally respect that. 

So in a nutshell, Julia should not win an Emmy AGAIN this year for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy. Admittedly, I do not find Debra Messing that funny either but I’d pick her over Julia if there’s no more choice left.  Last year though, I really thought it should’ve been Jane Kaczmarek, and honestly I’ve quite leaned towards her even during the heyday of Friends. My favorite Lisa Kudrow was nominated last year too and well, I haven’t watched The Comeback in its entirety so I cannot say she had sufficient shot to win. But duh, she definitely had it up there than, again, Julia, who is an adorable person based on interviews.  And oh, before I forget, I don’t find 30 Rock that funny, too. I even laugh harder at Still Standing, How I Met Your Mother or The Class.

I guess my choices can’t be trusted because I have not watched most of the shows to be evaluated. However, it wouldn’t make my preferences any less right, would it?

I think I should endure a few Jericho, Lost, The Sopranos, Brothers and Sisters, Boston Legal, The Office (because what I saw was the UK version and I found it amusing, and I don’t know if the joke of Julia Louis-Dreyfus to Steve Carell in last year’s Golden Globes that the UK version is waaay better holds a tinge of sincerity to her) Deadwood, The L Word, etc. to widen my persective more. In my immediate schedule though are The Tudors.

Hopefully I get to do it in time for the Emmy’s on September 17.

P.S. Ellen Degeneres winning Best Talk Show and Best Talk Show Host in the recent Daytime Emmy’s is a happy event. 😉 I really love Ellen beyond dancing. 😉

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