a list and a letter

a list

  • a taxi driver told me this morning, “sana ma’am, maaga ka gumising para mas madaling mag-abang ng taxi.” i was tempted to say, “manong, kung maaga po akong nagigising, hindi po ako magtataxi.” before we reached my destination, he was already playing matchmaker to me and his nephew. if only for the instant available cab every morning, i wish to see him again.

  • a lethargic morning is best spent talking of melting ice caps, Jesus’ pre-pubescent years in the Philippines, and Hitler’s Filipino roots.

  • according to dr. lisa cuddy, “when you teach, you learn.” i discovered today that when you lead a committee, you learn to heed to members’ convictions. after all, you’re only a single, beautiful head, they’re five thinking ones.

  • i can get mad, be amused, feel sympathy, waste my time, but it dawned on me that apart from top chef and my big fat obnoxious fiancé, i can no longer stand an entire reality show. i remember quitting on america’s next top model and ambush makeover a few eons ago. and yes, i’m saying enough of the hoopla that’s pinoy big brother. i don’t care anymore. unless someone does a chris benoit (RIP), which i hope will not happen. what i meant to say was something that extreme will probably make me watch again. mommy ko lang ang sobrang matiyaga sa ganyan.

  • i am sad of the fact that without my glasses, i have to squint both my eyes to clearly see something or someone. i am ruined.

  • i wish to go back in time and be a high school student again. i would do things better and most of all, i will enjoy it to the fullest. frankly, i know i never did.

a letter

My dear precious child,

I am wearing my chastity belt today but I was not that strong to live up to it, if you know what I mean. I still wore it but let’s say I loosened it a bit. EG totally ruined it for me. I’m only human so when he raised his shirt, I squinted and saw what I thought were cellulites which of course, were not. A basta, that wonderful weirdo. If left with no choice (i.e, obliteration of the male specie except him, desperate measures when I’m 35 years old), he might be your father, anyway. But let’s not count on that because he is not as buff; he’s actually too lanky for my preference as you should have guessed, I love beefy (hahaha)  guys more.

Anyway, the reason why I probably endured the torture of a walk called the distance between Roxas Blvd. and Robinson’s Ermita was because I literally bumped with a guy who could be your father. He was wearing that barong na gusot mayaman (hahaha) and yes, he could be a lawyer as the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are nearby. Anyway, there was definite eye contact, he smiled, he asked me if I was okay (“Why, am I flooding the mall with my drool?”), I said I am, we both said “Sorry” (uy), then we parted ways. Such a nice feeling. And he’s definitely the perfect picture of the guy I am hoping to be your father…which is not what most ladies prefer. I do not like the Michael Scofield-type, believe me, anak. Taking away every iota of impression beyond the physical (loser aura, etc.), think a chunkier Vince Vaugh. Ganun. Slurps.

Well, that’s my dose for you today of “How I Chose Your Father”. 

My hormones are nasty. Sometimes, I cannot wait for you to be born so I can get this over with. Pero on the other hand, I need a bigger salary muna, honey. I would like to shower you with the best that I can and this salary isn’t enough to make me do that. So relax ka lang muna.

Nevertheless, Mommy loves you very much and she believes that her big love for herself can only be overshadowed by her love for you, and no one else. Kami na lang ng Daddy mo ang mag-nenegotiate nung love ko para sa kanya. At this time, ni hindi ko pa nga sya kilala. Haller.

Goodnight and sweet dreams,


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  1. hi ! yeah ive seen the pics, waaa that was not my very pleasant self hehe =) come to think of it i was happy at that time innocent to the world. (charos) highschool yan db ?


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