Drop it like it’s hot

I faced my three-month fear and claimed by class cards for last year’s second semester. Remember, I am resigned to either a humiliating 5.0 or a well-deserved INC. Guess what the magic genie, the angels in heaven, and of course, the professor gave me:

Class cards. Dropped!!!

Since I miraculously passed two of my classes before these two, I can enroll for 12 units max next sem. Well, that is, if my re-admission request will be granted. I am AWOL this sem, ladies and gentlemen. Nevertheless, I can breathe properly now whenever my academic life is concerned. I have 3 more months until the dreading re-admission process, so for now, I’ll act cool. Upon enrollment, I guess I have to steer clear of anything that has Political Science in it, which surprised me to have plunged into in the first place, considering that I am pursuing International Studies.

*    *    *

Today’s a non-working holiday spent well. I went with mother goose to Baclaran, cursed the terrible traffic in Pasay (I was a strand short of running amuck), walked for what could be kilometers long if you add them up, ate for the first time at the famed Choco Kiss in UP, claimed my class cards, read for three hours in Powerbooks, and chewed on Judge bubble gum again after a century. Now I’m online and happy despite my internet connection being a pain in the juicy doubles. *snickers*

*    *    *

Speaking of Powerbooks, for the past several weeks, I pretentiously kill time by lounging in The Java Man inside Powerbooks Live! On all those weekends, I always see a woman about fifty-ish, with no glasses and would read books a few inches from her eyes. She would order a drink or two and would have piles of books from the shelves. She would be there when I arrive and would still be there when I leave, and believe me, the time I spend on weekend reading time equals to hours with a stressed S. Anyway, it’s a weekday today and guess who I saw when I got to Powerbooks? I assume she’s hanging out there everyday. Maybe she lives in a nearby condo and gets bored sitting around waiting for family to come home from work. Or maybe…she owns The Java Man. Or maybe…she’s a spy and she’s stalking me. Hahahaha.

I finally browsed Nikos Kazantzakis and I am convinced that I want to buy his books. Errr, soon. I’ll probably wait for the book fair in August. I am halfway through The Witch of Portobello—one more weekend and I don’t have to buy it anymore, though I could still want to because I’ve been reading books in succession and it’s the most engaging in recent memory. And it’s not even mine! I am technically stealing from Powerbooks…quite like what I did with Alex Garland’s The Coma which I finished in two private reading sessions, while standing up.

Books! The one in the bottom is mine.

*    *    *

Finally, speaking of hot, I confirmed that it’s not paranoia that the Skycable digibox heats up very badly. Erwin casually mentioned that their box is like that, too. It’s alarming. I used to watch TV for 7 hours straight and now I’m afraid to do it for fear of that stupid thing blowing up the whole house. That piece of trash is useless but we have no choice. I can’t still get over its two-second wait time when you switch channels.  It’s a curse for my right thumb which has a naturally-triggered attention deficit syndrome whenever a remote control is around.

If not for my love for Greg House, Matt Albie and Danny Tripp (and a little of Doug Ross), I would shove that digibox up the Lopezes’ greedy arses.

*    *    *

Erwin leaves tomorrow for Tokyo. Lucky ape. I guess we have to cry blood tears before we can have a chance like his. Anyway, he has one month to hunt bookmarks for me. And yes, to work and enjoy the stint as well. I will not miss you but I will. Bookmarks!!!!!

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1 reply

  1. hi judie,

    ur probably the dead judy ann santos, meaning drop dead gorgeous :o) now there’s another corny joke for you courtresy of jojo a. all the way :o)

    anyway, my researcher included your blog in the initial blogger’s delight list we have for my show’s website and just want to make a clarification, the ” jamby wow logs” joke is an old joke of mine in my early elementary years long before pugad baboy was even thought about which will bring you back to the early 70’s, i’m not one not to commend and give credit where credit is due to anyone or any entity… :o)

    you write very well and i enjoy your stuff, yon lang naman i just wanted to share to you so that people including pugad baboy (who are my idols too :o) would know that :o)

    many thanks and continue writing those in depth analysis of day to day things, it makes our lives easier to comprehend… ha ha… best regards and happy weekend.. tsup!!! :o)

    jojo a.

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