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I fought hard an earthly desire to sleep today. This day’s dull. I covered books and watched nothing good on TV. Then I checked my other e-mail’s inbox. Wow, I didn’t realize that when The New York Times and AWID said they would send you updates when you register, they mean it. Seriously. I have 71 unread messages in 7 days.

Anyway, most of them are interesting, at least for me. Maybe I’ll kill time and read each of them. Hopefully I learn something worthy.

This is better than charting HBO show schedules in a personal calendar to know what to watch when. Oh yeah, I did that a few hours ago. Love Affair, Glory, City Hall, Singles, Everything is Illuminated…I would be watching them soon, granting that I don’t decide to “activate” my social life.

I actually have a choice apart from bumming around but other Saturday options are harder to execute because I don’t have money to enable me to enjoy them. When I was covering my books, I remember buying most of them three years ago and that was the time when I can shell out money for a book or two, at regular prices, without batting an eyelash. I can eat in restaurants, albeit alone, that I’ve never been to. I can shop for shoes, clothes and useless gadgets during paydays. I wonder where those times have gone. Now, I live off on a modest budget for myself because like the Philippines, most of my income are for debt-servicing. I guess it’s my version of sharing sympathy pains with my country.

Anyway, whining won’t bring me more money so I better accept this fate as it is. I’m still so blessed. Hee, cheesy.

Like, I consider the capacity to appreciate good music a blessing. After my Regina Spektor phase, I am beginning to love Amy Winehouse. However, I chose to include only 7 tracks, from her two albums, in my playlist. The rest of the songs are okay but I don’t feel like listening to them as often. Anyway, my favorite of all at the moment, is the rather old one Pumps. I think it settled to that title rather than F*ck Me Pumps which I like more by the way. 🙂 Sorry ha, if you listen to the song, it’s more fitting. The melody is great.

So…what else, what else…oh yeah, I’m thankful for the cool weather today. Love, love it. It takes longer for people to get provoked when it’s not so warm. The sound of raindrops is also soothing. Ah, the things money cannot buy. Happiness is priceless. See, the words glide smoothly when you actually don’t have money.

* * *

You have a serious problem of distorting reality. You could sleep with the entire planet and still feel rejected. – Stéphanie in The Science of Sleep

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  1. ang hirap di ba? pero thankful na rin ako, at least, i have something to cover my bills. and the fact that i have bills means i have some of the good things in life. 🙂

  2. you’re right. i’ve noticed that too. dati madami rin akong pera pero now napupunta salary ko sa bills. hehe.

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