Then there are five…again.

We welcomed the new staff today. Got another female to add to our notorious group. She’s overwhelmed and a bit nervous so I would show my terror tentacles perhaps next week. I’m kidding.

I only had 3 hours of sleep that’s why this day didn’t matter much. I thought of my management style (and if I had any in the first place)– and I think I’m a cool boss. See, I don’t care how you do your job as long as at the end of the day, you deliver the goods. I’m blessed to have the people I’m with now. Change is never easy and sometimes, my being the youngest among them impresses on my sense of judgment. Well, we’re still efficient and we run like a well-oiled machine even if we’re dead tired inside, so I guess that’s still okay. No one is complaining. Yet.

When the new person adjusts to the blahs of diplomatic communications, I can really think of going back to school. And doing more super stuff aside from delegating and editing responses. I would like to set up a training program for them but time is really a major bummer. Let us see. I refrain from attaching myself to a gameplan because failure would not do anything to my already-flattened self-esteem.

Welcome to the zoo, Sheila!!!

Categories: Employee Judie

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