i am happy when it rains

I’ve been a lowly office employee for almost five years but when it rains this hard, I always wish that we won’t have to go to work the next day. Daig ko pa ang grade 1.

I was close to crying a while ago because the traffic on my way home was so *all expletives known to man* terrible. I told my mother that unless the world is slowly ending, I will never ever again go home before 7 pm on week days . The few bucks I waste on expensive coffee or cheap Mexican food just so I could stay somewhere in Rob to read…it’s nothing if we speak of the level of anger I reach when stuck in San Andres Bukid traffic. Hindi maglalaon, may makakaaway ako kahit walang dahilan so better na iwasan na lang.

I was feeling ill for most of the day and I can attribute it to the change in weather. Parang officially nag-usher na ang tag-ulan. Pwede ko na sigurong gamitin yung raincoat ko na Tigger. And merong adult rubber boots sa Landmark na less than P300 lang…in cute colors pa. Hmmm.  That could help me avoid getting sick, which would eventually end my painkiller-popping moments. My threshold for pain is very high but not with pain in my head. I almost pass out during extreme menstual cramps but I don’t take anything; a tinge of throb in my head, I dive straight for my favorite analgesic. It’s a lame kind though so even my mother thinks that it’s okay (unless I haven’t told her I take it, like, 3 times a day. Sometimes I don’t know if there is really pain or I just think there is). Oh well, moving on…

Two people told me today I lost weight. Naks naman. Maybe it’s my top. I usually get comments like that when I’m wearing it. But of course to avoid further chika, you’ll just say a (fake) humble thank you. I do aim to lose a few pounds if only for the fact that my legs are like logs and para na akong model ng Eumorpho Lakas Tao with my flabby arms. Maybe a few pounds less. I like the way I am. I cant imagine myself na payat, feeling ko matutumba ako. Plus, I noticed that my head doesn’t get smaller when I get thinner. Kahit with people in the office na pumayat, yung size ng ulo nila ganun pa din, I don’t know if it’s just me pero ang awkward tingnan unless you get used to it. I feel my skull and ito na ito, pag namayat ako hindi naman ito liliit. Yes, there are excesses below the chin, sa may cheek, pero yung laki ng bungo, yun na yun eh. 🙂 I hope i’m making sense here…

Oh, the other downsides of arriving home early…intermittent cable connection (‘nyeta di ba? Tas the temerity to announce that the box is better! Change your CSR script!) and intermittent internet connection as well. Is my place that horrible? Na parang walang naniniwala na merong nakaka-afford magpa-cable at magpa-broadband? Kapitbahay ko lang ang base station, mind you! Though for some reason, ang bilis ng Crunchyroll. (Yeah, I’m a convert.)

Now, I’m smiling because of the raindrops spattering on the roof, and I’ll be finishing Kamikaze Girls in a few minutes. TTFN! 😉

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  1. Awww, that’s too bad! Di bale, hopefully mag-rain na lang kapag off ka. 🙂 and you’re into belly dancing? that’s cool. ako eh nag-beg off na sa any form of weight loss program that involves a fee. i thought nga before that the money i paid it for eh magiging enough na motivation eh hindi pala.

  2. naku, naapektuhan ako ng losing weight issue na yan. super nonexistent yata metabolism ko. i eat a li’l rice daily as in once a day pero i don’t lose weight. lalo na that i have gastritis. di puede ang diet like before. exercise na lang hope ko kaya kahit pagod after work, nagtitiis ako magbellydancing.

  3. so you live in san andres? i thought cavite din. i am not happy when it rains simply because it does when i am about to leave the house. i work at night so hassle mabasa ng ulan in the afternoon on the way to work. i feel sad too because i’m not home with my family. i miss snuggling in bed while it rains outside or just sitting in the living room with my brothers. waaah!

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