Dear Friday,

They say you’re unlucky because you fell on the 13th but to me you’re not. In fact, you made this day too hectic yet fun for me.

We had no interviews today so it means we’re bombarded by meetings here and there. I skipped one but only because I had to rush 2 interim evaluations for two people under me. I also had my first staff meeting since I assumed this crazy role, and even if one staff was ill and had to skip work, it was the first with the new staff member. It lasted for less than two hours because we discussed what the 3rd edition of the newsletter would contain. The rest consisted of SOPs, work flow, officer’s shortcomings, staffing pattern and training programs. It felt good having to preside it; if only I can discard all pending staff-level work that I had to do when we were still understaffed. Being team leader is fun, too, and I only feel how fun it is lately. But then again, I have yet to face staff problems and the usual case of doing a Bernardo Carpio a.k.a naiipit sa nag-uumpugang bato. I admit to planning something with regard to my career path, but suffice it to say, I can only act on it around February next year. I would have served the organization for five years and whatever I choose to do, I would receive separation pay already, so it would be easier to move around. But it’s too far to think about. With good days such as this, it would definitely be a long time ahead.

My colleagues, extreme games veteran that they are, practically hogged the 3rd meeting for the Team Enhancement crap that we’ll have in three weeks. I was there only to summarize what they talked about, and to cue to move on to other matters. It’s a project I had strong desire to implement but the momentum kinda fizzled after a barrage of work last month. After the meeting, I was excited yet again, and it seemed like a very wonderful project. People in the office rarely cooperate if there is monetary contribution involved but I’m prepared to execute it whether everyone comes or not. You’ll hear and read about it in the next few weeks.

The rest of the day was the same routine but you can derive pleasure from monotony. I wonder if it’s that time of the month or it’s because of the weather.

Lastly, I planned to spend some precious time with myself to finish my book of the month. Because of a little glitch in a friend’s budding lovelife, I had to offer an invitation for an intimate dinner. But symphatizers represent! so off we dash to the nearest Mexican-themed restaurant upon the condition that I have to have something to drink. See, I told you, I will not forget about it. It’s a developing habit, and I quite figured out why  However, I had to write it on Clementine (my large chica journal by Jordi Labanda), not here. It’s a wee bit personal at this time though let’s just say it involves what I’ve been struggling with for the past 11 years.

I have to thank my alcohol intake for the day because it capped a day that was uneventful and boring but nonetheless satisfactory. It’s a struggle to walk from U.N. Avenue to Pedro Gil, and harder to keep your current state to your mother but hey, it’s part of life. PA jokingly said I should try drinking until I literally crawl my way home— it would make a good story for my future grandchildren. Maybe next time, PA. Maybe when I have a real problem (which I hope wouldn’t come as bad). Currently, I have nothing major to be stressed about, aside from petty discontent brought by quarterlife.

Just to check how drunk I was, I had to consult a police department’s gauge:


Yeah, it wasn’t too much, but give me time and you will be amazed. Hahaha, kidding.

So okay, Friday, thank you. Once I gather enough humane sleep, I’ll be back to my old self who covers books with plastic while watching Friends/House/Veronica Mars/any classic film from my suki of pirated DVDs, “Peter Petrelli”.

Love and care,

Dith ♥

Categories: Employee Judie, Friend Judie

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