For lack of something to watch, I stumbled upon Justice on Studio 23 two Thursdays ago. It’s (another) legal drama (but) from Jerry Bruckheimer which stars Victor Garber (and other people I don’t know).

The law firm of Trott, Nicholson, Tuller & Graves (TNT&G) caters to rich and high profile clients in Los Angeles. Lead by media manipulation master Ron Trott (Garber), they defend their cases in what seems to me an exaggerated-but-adorable way. Well, what do I know, I’m not a lawyer and I shouldn’t be as surprised, having grown up with the Ally McBeal fame. Two things made me like the show: the ginourmous touch-screen monitor that the partners use to discuss the case and the flashback at the end that shows the real event which points to who is guilty and who is not. Make it three things, because I like Victor Garber, as I’ve not gotten over Jack Bristow, the hottest spy ever to walk the planet (I really have a penchant for older men.) 

Justice was cancelled by Fox after less than one season because of high production costs and low viewership. They instead retained pathetic reality shows about dancing and cooking, though I still like American Idol and On The Lot. The network has tons of these reality shows already! Someone said it costs less to produce one and more people watch it. Oh well. Bottom line is, me no like Fox for canceling Justice. Just like NBC for canceling Studio 60, which placed fifth on a Save One Show viewership survey, the first four being shows that have been on air for more than two seasons and have had solid fanbases already.

Maybe I’m a jinx. The shows I like almost always get cancelled with the exception of House, Prison Break and Desperate Housewives. Take Commander in Chief. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Starved.  And now, Justice.

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  1. oh and judie, i’m hoping you would find it ok if i use some of your thoughts, reword it and use it in some punchlines for the show… afterall, it’s the real things in life that are genuinely funny… i have a saying that goes “life may be hard, life may be shitty, but your words and writings can make yours and other people’s lives happy “, your words are your oracle, stay happy :o)

  2. hi judie,

    ur probably the dead judy ann santos, meaning drop dead gorgeous :o) now there’s another corny joke for you courtresy of jojo a. all the way :o)

    anyway, my researcher included your blog in the initial blogger’s delight list we have for my show’s website and just want to make a clarification, the ” jamby wow logs” joke is an old joke of mine in my early elementary years long before pugad baboy was even thought about which will bring you back to the early 70’s, i’m not one not to commend and give credit where credit is due to anyone or any entity… :o)

    you write very well and i enjoy your stuff, yon lang naman i just wanted to share to you so that people including pugad baboy (who are my idols too :o) would know that :o)

    many thanks and continue writing those in depth analysis of day to day things, it makes our lives easier to comprehend… ha ha… best regards and happy weekend.. tsup!!! :o)

    jojo a.

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